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Pest Control Services Melbourne

Pest Control Services Melbourne

Pest Control Services Melbourne

Pest control is an increasingly popular service in Melbourne. Insects such as spiders, ants and cockroaches are prevalent all year round but never more so than in Spring and Summer. Possums, rats and mice take centre stage in the colder months of Autumn and Winter. Termites may be eating away on the timbers in your home as we speak. No property is immune to pests. There are several pest control services that we can provide. We can spray the exterior of your home to repel insects, install a termite management system to protect against termite attack and control rats and mice.  

How to select a pest control company in Melbourne

Everyone knows a plumber or electrician but do you actually know a pest controller? Probably not. Therefore, unless a family member or friend can refer a ‘pestie’ you’re probably going to conduct an online search. A reputable company should take pride in their website and strive to increase its online presence. If the website appears at the top of the search engine result page for the term you’ve searched then that’s a great start. An attractive and easy to navigate website is also a big tick. This shows an attention to detail that should translate to the work conducted at your home or workplace.

If you then decide to call the displayed phone number then you would hope that someone is available to answer. You should then have the ability to explain your particular issue and be provided with information that makes you feel confident in booking an appointment. There’s no such thing as a silly question so you should feel comfortable to ask anything. I don’t know much about your job so why would I expect you to know much about mine?

You should enquire about pricing and a warranty for any work undertaken. We offer a free service period dependent on various circumstances. For example, if your home is infested with German cockroaches it is most likely because there is a hygiene issue. Food scraps may be on the floor, bins may be full, dirty dishes may be left out for days. If this is the case this creates conditions very conducive to German cockroaches. And mice for that matter!

Pest Control Services Melbourne
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We can attend and treat the pests but if the core reason for them being there (hygiene issue) isn’t rectified, the same problem would then resurface. In this example we would be reluctant to provide an form of warranty. However, if your home was clean and well maintained and you had the odd spider or two enter the house we would be more than happy to offer a 6 month free service period.

In the Internet age it’s very easy to find out information about a pest service provider. There are review sites such as Yelp and Word of Mouth, while Google and Facebook also lets you review businesses. While it is very difficult to have a perfect online review record, you can really gauge what type of service you will receive by reading the reviews of previous clients. We pride ourselves on having a great relationship with our clients by trying to exceed their expectations. If they take the time out of their busy schedule to leave us a positive review then we know we’ve done something right.

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So if you require a pest control service anywhere in Melbourne then you can be sure that we’ll be only to happy to help. We are available on 1300 665 573  or simply complete your contact information on our Contact Us page and we will contact you at an appropriate time.