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Pest Control Service Melbourne

Pest Control Service Melbourne

Pest Control Service Melbourne

One thing we can all agree on is that we hate pests. Whether it be a mouse in the house or a spider in the shed, we want them gone and we want them gone fast! We specialise in pest removal in all Melbourne suburbs. If you require a pest control service Melbourne then call us now on 1300 665 573. 

Quality Rodent Control Melbourne

In winter mice and rats seek warmth and shelter from the rain and cold. Our homes are the perfect place for them to see out the coldest months of the year. Rats prefer to live in the roof cavity while mice will do their best to get into the house and snack in your pantry! These vermin spread disease and contaminate food. They release their bodily functions where they please and they drive us crazy with their nocturnal activities.

If you’re hearing noises in your walls or roof then you may have a rodent infestation. Another sure sign of rodents is agitated pets. If your cat or dog sits in front of a wall for an extended time it may mean a rat is lurking behind the plaster!

Crawling Insect Control Melbourne

Spiders, ants, cockroaches, millipedes, earwigs, fleas, bed bugs and other creepy pests are most prevalent in the warmer seasons. Spring is when they’ll start to breed. By summer they’ll be everything. That’s unless of course, you’ve called us to have your home sprayed.

We use safe and efficient chemicals to spray the exterior of your home as well as fences, garages, sheds, pergolas, decks, children’s play equipment and just about everything else outdoors.

We also spray indoors around skirting boards, carpeted areas and any cracks and crevices where pests hide. For a complete pest control service in Melbourne, we even put chemical dust into the subfloor (if applicable and safe to do so), the roof cavity and weep holes (if applicable).

Pest Control Service Melbourne
Protect your home from pests with an approved pesticide for long lasting results.

You’ll get extreme joy as you watch these pests run for their lives. You’ll also enjoy the next few days as you see dead insects all over the place. The most enjoyable part of the process though will be a pest-free environment for you, your family and your pets. To find out more about our residential pest control service click this link.

Contact us now for a pest control service Melbourne. Our highly trained and licensed pest managers are waiting to assist. Simply call 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form for a call back.