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The new Melbourne suburb of Mernda is experiencing what all new suburbs go through – pests! If you’ve ever moved to a new estate area you can bet your life that you’ve been through a mouse infestation! Mice live in the open fields in the warmer months but at soon as it gets cold your newly constructed home looks extremely inviting! We’re the premier pest control service provider for Mernda and all surrounding suburbs including the new communities of Mernda Villages, Settlers Hill, Everton Gardens, Bridge Inn Rise, Berry Lane, Mernda Ridge, Woodland Waters, Hawkstowe, Riverdale and Renaissance Rise. For superior service and expertise for all pest problems call now on 1300 665 573.

Tim Clinnick is the owner of Pest Control Empire. He says, “With all the development going on in Mernda I found myself in this area almost daily. I’m from the other side of Melbourne so the commute wasn’t ideal. As a result I tracked down a pest manager who just happened to live in Mernda. I offered him a job and he gladly accepted. Since David started he’s been a great addition. He’s got 7 years experience in pest control. If I was to hire someone to do a pest control job, I’d prefer to hire someone local. If you require pest control and you live in Mernda then call us and David will attend”.

Pest issues faced in Mernda include:

  • Rodents including rats and mice;
  • Crawling insect pests including ants, cockroaches and spiders;
  • Flying pests including flies, bees, wasps and springtails; &
  • Timber pests including termites, borers and decay caused by moisture.

Tim continues, “A pest that people have little knowledge of is the springtail. These tiny pests are often found in newly constructed homes. Springtails feed on fungas including mould spores. The reason that springtails are attracted to new estate areas is related to construction. Houses and their timber frames are constructed every month of the year. In the colder months the timber dampens. Before the timber can dry out the brick facade and interior plaster walls are added. The lack of ventilation to the frame often means that the timber cannot sufficiently dry. As a result mould can develop. Springtails feed on mould so this explains their presence in new homes. You’ll often find springtails in wet areas like the bathroom or laundry as they require constant moistu

Mernda Pest Control Service
Spider control is a pest service we offer to the residents of Mernda.

re to survive”.

If you’re hearing noises in your walls or roof in your Mernda home your probably under attack by mice. The mice usually enter weep holes in the exterior brick work, wander around inside the walls and roof and eventually find their way into your home. The most common entry points into the home are around unsealed pipe penetrations and where utility services like gas and electricity are required for heating / cooling and cooking equipment.

Pest Control Services in Mernda:

We specialise in the following pest control services in Mernda:

For fast and effective control of any pest in Mernda or any other Melbourne suburb  be sure to call in the experts at Pest Control Empire. Simply contact 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form for a return call.