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Pest Control Fraser Rise | Plumpton

Pest Control Fraser Rise & Plumpton

Do you require pest control in Fraser Rise or Plumpton? If so, then be sure to contact your local pest control provider, Pest Control  Empire. We’re based in the western suburbs of Melbourne and specialise in all forms of pest removal and control.

Fraser Rise and Plumpton are relatively new suburbs in Melbourne’s west. As with all new estate areas, there is no shortage of pests! Pest Control Empire can offer the following services: 

Rodent Control Fraser Rise | Plumpton

  • Rats and mice inhabit the open fields of Melbourne’s west. When new estates develop, this provides the perfect place for them to breed – your home! Ask yourself this question: Where would you rather be, in a cold paddock or in a home? Rats and mice feel the same way. We’ll eliminate rats and mice from your home in a safe and efficient manner.

    Pest Control Fraser Rise | Plumpton
    Exterminate rats now! Simply call 1300 665 573 to book an appointment with a rat catcher from Pest Control Empire.

Spider Control Fraser Rise | Plumpton

  • Spiders like the red back and white tail are very active in this area. Don’t risk the safety of your family or pets. Contact us to spray and dust your home with a chemical barrier that provides fast knock down of spiders and long-term protection for your home.

Ant & Cockroach Control Fraser Rise | Plumpton

  • Ants and cockroaches are also active throughout this area. Similar to spiders, we spray and dust your home to eliminate these pests. However, the chemical must be a non-repellent to provide for effective control. A contaminated ant or cockroach will interact with others from their colony. They’ll then transfer the effects onto the colony, providing for full colony elimination.

Several other pests can cause grief in Fraser Rise & Plumpton, including earwigs, millipedes, birds and even snakes! Contact us on1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us for pest control Fraser Rise & Plumpton.