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Pest Control Essendon! If you need pest removal in Essendon then we’re only a phone call away. We live and work in the area so our knowledge of the pest pressure in this suburb is excellent. So what do the residents and business owners call us about? Tim is the owner of Pest Control Empire. He grew up in Essendon and knows the area well. He says, “Essendon is a fantastic suburb. The homes are grand, there’s plenty of parks and waterways and there’s an abundance of cafes and restaurants. There’s also plenty of pests!”

Tim has reviewed pest control services in Essendon for the past 2 years. The results show that the top 5 pests removal services in order are:

  1. Rat Extermination
  2. Mice Removal
  3. Possum Removal
  4. Spider Control &
  5. Ant Control

The key to effective pest control is to correctly identify the pest that is causing the problem. For example, a customer may call to advise that they’re being disturbed at night by noises in the roof. The main culprits could be rats, mice or possums. To resolve this issue an inspection of the roof cavity would be required. Once in the roof we would need to conduct a thorough search. We would be looking for the following:

  • Droppings
  • Nesting Materials
  • Track Marks or Runways
  • Gnawed Timber or Cables

    Pest Control Essendon
    Here we’ve inspected a roof cavity in an Essendon house. We’ve found a rat nest made in the insulation. The smell is musky, the ceiling is urine stained and there are droppings everywhere!

If we were to find rat droppings, the most effective method to control them would be to add rodenticides to the roof and potentially place rat size lockable bait stations in outdoor areas. We would also advise on ways to reduce rodent accessibility to the roof and close off obvious entry points. There would be no need to place bait stations within the house as rats are particularly scared of humans and will try to avoid any contact. They will merely use the roof space as a suitable place to sleep. They will then venture outdoors at night in search of food. The rats will eat the rodenticides placed into the roof and external bait stations and die soon after.

As opposed to rats, mice are quite brazen. The intention of a mouse is to find it’s way into your home and raid your pantry! We get so many calls by frantic customers who state that a mouse ran past them in the kitchen and hid behind the fridge or dishwasher. In this instance, we would add rodenticides to the roof and place mouse size bait stations within the house. We’d also do a stocktake of the pantry and advise what food is susceptible to mouse attack.

If a possum was in the roof we would have to identify the entry point or points they are using to access the roof cavity. We would then close them off. The next step would be to install a one-way door. This would be fitted as close to the active entry point. A lure, such as a piece of fruit, would be used to coax the possum close to the door and finally through it. Now that the invader is out of the roof we then remove the door and the job is complete.

If someone were to assume that it was rats or mice in the roof and then add rodenticide they may find themselves guilty of killing a possum. The ringtail and brush tail possum are Australian native animals. They are protected by Australian law and cannot be harmed. This is why it’s always best to contact a professional pest controller. We know what to look for and how to solve the problem in the quickest manner.

So for pest control Essendon and surrounding suburbs call us now on 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form form a return phone call.