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how to bird proof gutters melbourne

How to Bird Proof Gutters

Bird Proof Gutters

How to bird proof gutters is our specialty. Birds just love setting up a nest in a roof cavity. While roof plumbers excel at keeping water out of our houses, pests such as birds are nothing more than a secondary concern to them. Often there’s a gap in a corner of a roof that birds can enter through. This problem is easily solved, usually by placing the wire in the gap and placing some bird deterrent gel around the area. However, birds can also quite easily slip into a roof from the gutter. They simply enter the gutter and find a gap between the fascia and the last tile or sheet of iron roofing. They then establish a nest in the eaves. The problem is that they are then very hard to remove!

We’ve just hit Spring and this is bird breeding season. You may already hear the chirping of chicks in your roof crying out for food. If this is the case, then walk outside into the street and look at your roof. Within a very short space of time, you’ll likely see mum and dad bird flying back and forth with food for their brood. Watch closely to see how they enter your roof. If it’s through the gutters then it can be difficult to prevent.

How to bird proof gutters is a question you now may be asking yourself. There really is only one option – a gutter guard. This is a flexible plastic film that fits easily and neatly into the gutter to prevent birds from entering. The bonus is that it will also block out leaves and other debris while still allowing water to flow evenly to the downpipes. There’s no drilling or screwing required and no need to lift tiles or metal roof sheets. The entire roofline should be protected to prevent re-entry.

Benefits of bird proof gutter guard include:

  • Denial of entry into the roof for birds;
  • Prevention of leaves and larger debris from blocking your gutters and downpipes;
  • Less ongoing maintenance including gutter cleaning; &
  • Improved safety as you won’t need to climb a ladder.

    how to bird proof gutters
    Gutter guard is a great way to prevent birds entering your roof through the gutter.

Tim operates Pest Control Empire and is experienced in working at heights. He says, “We’re trained at working safely at height. I don’t recommend a person not trained in height safety to climb a ladder and perform a complex task on a roof. Falling from a height causes so many deaths and serious injuries every year. Don’t add yourself to that list”.

Birds cause the following problems:

  • They carry & spread many different diseases;
  • They are very noisy & can disturb your sleep;
  • They make one hell of a mess;
  • They can die in the roof and cause an awful smell;
  • They attract bird mites.

Tim adds, “Once birds vacate a nest they leave behind bird mites. These mites live on the blood of the birds and once their host leaves they need to find a new host. This can result in thousands of mites entering bedrooms in search of blood. If you hear birds in your roof call a professional to remove the nest and block all possible entry points. Chemical dust (usually permethrin) should be injected into the roof cavity to kill any remaining bird mites”.

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