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Removal of Possums Ringwood

Possum Removal Ringwood | Possum Proofing

Possum Removal Ringwood

We’re the possum removal Ringwood specialists. “It sounds like there’s something thumping around in my roof!” If you’ve recently said this then there’s a strong chance a possum has taken up residence in your roof space. We specialise in possum removal Ringwood and other eastern suburbs areas. Call us on 1300 665 573 to book an inspection of your home. We’ll confirm what’s in the roof and ensure it’s effective removal.

Suburbia is growing and this means that the natural habitat for possums is shrinking. Possums love to find a hollowed out tree to sleep through the daylight hours. However, trees are decreasing around the suburban landscape so possums have learned to adapt. This is why possums living within a roof space is now a widespread problem. Local councils also feel the need to wrap trees on council land with Perspex so that possums cannot climb them. So where else is a possum going to go other than your roof space?

A wandering possum will inspect your home for a weakness. If there’s a sufficient gap under a gable or a broken tile on the roof then you can be sure that a possum will exploit this vulnerable spot. A possum has powerful teeth and jaws and can chew through timber to create a sufficient opening. The rule of thumb is that if your clenched fist can enter a gap then a possum will be able to enter.

Types of possums in Ringwood:

  1. The ringtail possum; &
  2. The brush tail possum.

    How to remove a possum from a roof in Ringwood
    The common ringtail possum is identifiable by it’s thin tail. They are also usually in pairs. If your prized roses are being eaten then the ringtail is the likely culprit!

The ringtail is the smaller of the two. They are quite placid. They will eat both native and introduced plant leaves, flowers, fruits and sap. We know a few rose bush owners that curse the very existence of the ringtail! They construct a nest and often live as a family.

The brush tail is quite large and thrives in a city environment. It’s distinguishable by its bushy tail that it uses to grasp onto tree branches. They also eat leaves, fruits and flowers but they may also dine on insects, bird eggs and chicks. They may even eat rats and mice. Male and female brush tails rarely live in the same den.

Both possum types are territorial. This means that if they make your roof their home then they intend to stay.

How to remove a possum in Ringwood

There are two ways to remove a possum. These include:

  • Trapping; &
  • Installation of a one-way door.

Both methods are effective provided that the entry point is closed. If trapping the possum the cage must be checked regularly. If a possum is caught, it should be released on the same property at dusk not more than 50 metres away from the capture site. Relocation is illegal and often leads to the death of the possum.

Our preferred method is to possum proof your home to ensure all active and possible entry points are sealed. We need install a one-way door to allow the occupant/s to exit.

An evicted possum will try feverishly to get back in and you’ll likely hear a commotion in the early hours of the morning. However, provided that we’ve done our job properly the possum will soon give up and find someone else’s roof to inhabit. The cycle then continues for the next unlucky homeowner!

To book a possum removal Ringwood and surrounding suburbs like Lilydale contact Pest Control Melbourne Empire now.