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Possum Removal Lilydale

What’s that thumping noise in your roof that starts up after dark? The chances are it’s your friendly neighbourhood possum! The only trouble is they’re not that friendly and they’ll soon wear out their welcome. Once a possum finds it’s way into your roof cavity it’s not going anywhere. That’s of course unless it dies and stinks out your house. We’re experts in ethical possum removal Lilydale and all surrounding suburbs. 

Most people that at some point have had a possum living in their roof say it sounds like an elephant thumping around! They’re like clockwork – at the same time after dark they’ll get up and exit the roof space in search of food and to interact with other possums. Just before it gets light they’ll come back and settle in for the daylight hours in a snug section of your roof or wall. This routine is common for both ringtail and brush tail possums.

In the warmer months a roof cavity can get quite hot. At times like this a possum will settle in a wall cavity as it offers a reprieve from the extreme heat of a roof. Like we do, possums can get restless while they sleep. They toss and turn and while they do this they’re razor sharp claws will rub on your plaster wall. Pretty soon there’ll be no plaster left and you’ll instead start to see the possum’s fur!

Possum Proofing Lilydale

If you suspect that a possum has invaded your roof then contact us to commence a possum removal strategy. We’ll attend your home and diagnose your problem. The noises you hear may not be a possum. Rats, mice and birds also inhabit a roof if given an opportunity.

The droppings in the roof will confirm what animal has taken up residence. If it’s a possum we then need to identify all possible entry points. We then need to close them. The next step is to then provide an opportunity for the invader to still exit the roof. What we do here is install a one-way door. We have doors that allow for possums to exit for both a tiled and tin roof. This is the most ethical method of removing a possum from your roof.

Possum Control Melbourne
Block off any possum entry points and install a one-way door so they can get out but not back in.

Traps are stressful and need to be checked regularly. The relocation of these native animals is also illegal so the temporary one-way door is the best method. The possum will usually exit via the door on the first night. However, we leave it in place for at least a week to ensure that both adult and young possums can exit as sometimes the young will not go out each and every night.

Once you’re satisfied that your furry critter or critters are out we return to remove the door and seal the opening. Don’t be surprised if you hear futile attempts to re-enter. An evicted possum will try almost anything to get back in but provided we’ve sealed all possible entry points they’ll soon give up.

For assistance with the removal of a possum from your home be sure to call Pest Control Melbourne Empire on 1300 665 573. We offer possum removal Lilydale and all surrounding suburbs so call now and take control of your roof space!