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The Best Possum Removal in Kew

Possum Removal Kew

Possum Control Kew

If there’s something strange in your roof cavity, who you gonna call? Pest Control Empire ! Kew is a leafy suburb in Melbourne’s east. The tree-lined streets provide ideal fun zones for Melbourne’s possum population. Possums play in trees but prefer to live in the cosy confines of our roof spaces. If you require possum removal Kew then we’re the team to call.

We have designated possum experts on hand to evict these unwanted guests from your roof. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before so we’ll guarantee effective possum proofing and possum removal every time.

Kew is home to two types of possums:

  1. The brushtail possum;

    Possum Removal Kew
    The brushtail possum is the larger variety and prefers to live alone.

This animal thrives in a city environment. They love fruit trees, vegetable gardens and if they find a way into your home they’ll leave a trail of destruction as they rummage through your pantry and your bins. The brushtail has a thick, bushy tail that it uses to grasp onto tree branches. If these animals find a way into your roof you’ll know all about it. They’re nocturnal and thump around like an elephant. This will surely impact on even the heaviest of sleepers!

  1. The ringtail possum;

If your prized roses are disappearing then you can bet you’ve got a ringtail possum living close by. They dine on flowers as well as leaves, shrubs and fruits. The ringtail is smaller than the brushtail so it’s adept at finding small gaps that provide entry to your roof cavity. They’ll build nests, also called dreys, out of twigs and branches. They’ll often live as a family and make all sorts of mess if they’re in your roof space.

How to remove a possum from a roof in Kew

If you’re hearing noises in your roof space it may be a possum. We specialise in cheap possum removal so you’re first action should be to give us a call. We’ll attend and confirm what is actually making all that noise. If it is in fact a possum then we need to find the possum’s entry point.

We then to identify other potential entry points and close them off. If we remove a possum from your roof and neglect to close off other potential entries, it’ll only be a matter of time before they find a way back in. A possum is a territorial animal so once it finds a home it will do everything possible to stay.

Now that all entry points have been identified and closed we then need to provide an avenue for the invader to still be able to leave the roof. We have specially designed one-way doors that fit to every potential situation. They work equally as well on a tiled roof as they do on a colour bond roof.

We coax the possum to the door with a trail of food. They’ll then investigate the door and go out through the retractable flap. Now they’re out they can’t get back in no matter how hard they try!

You might hear noises over the next few nights as the possum will investigate the home for any weaknesses to allow it to get back into the roof. If we’ve done our job properly then this won’t be possible.

Once you’re satisfied that the possum removal process has been successful we then return to remove the one-way door. After that the job’s done!

For all you in need of possum removal Kew and surrounding suburbs please call us on 1300 665 573 to book your appointment. All our possum proofing comes with a 12 month guarantee. We’re Melbourne’s best possum removal service so contact us now.