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Melbourne Possum Removal

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Possum control is the most common service we provide in Melbourne. These furry critters may be living in your roof or even in your chimney. If there’s a possum living with you we often get told it’s like an elephant thumping around!

How to remove a possum from your roof

Firstly, we need to correctly identify what animal is actually living with you. Our clients quite often blame possums for the noises in their roof when in fact it’s often rats, birds, and sometimes even cats! We check the roof cavity for droppings to determine the species of animal. Nesting materials also provide adequate identity hints.

If it’s a possum the key is to identify the entry point. There may even be a few points of entry. We have a team of experienced possum catchers that thoroughly inspect your property to identify all potential entry points.

You may know where the entry point is but where there’s one there’s every chance there could be several. That’s why we always inspect the entire property. Entry may be via a broken or dislodged tile, a gap under a gable, or even via an exposed subfloor.

Possum Control Melbourne
Block off any possum entry points and install a one-way door so they can get out but not back in.

If unsure, crumple a piece of newspaper and place it into the suspected entry point. If this is the route in and out it will be pushed out of the way when the intruder wanders out for the night.

Once all possible entry points are identified we then close them off. This is called possum proofing. However, if this is done during the day the possum will be trapped within the roof cavity. We therefore always install a one-way door that will allow the occupant to exit but not re-enter.

It’s now up to you to listen out for any roof noise and once satisfied that all is quiet, we return to remove the one-way door. You should now be possum free!

On very rare occasions we require the use of a trap. Once caught in a trap we attend at the earliest opportunity to release the animal. A trapped possum is very distressed and can easily cause injury to itself.

A possum caught in a trap must be released on-site so it is vital that all entry points are closed off.

Once blocked out it’s not uncommon to hear the same possum trying in vain to get back in for at least the next few nights. They are very territorial and will do almost anything to get back to their preferred home. They will soon realise that they need to find another home.

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