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Pest Control Braybrook | Rodent Removal

Pest Control Braybrook

The western suburbs of Melbourne is a haven for all types of pests. Our highly trained pest management professionals live and work in the area. This has allowed us to develop intimate knowledge of the major pest types in Melbourne’s west. For example, we’ve recently experienced a surge for pest control Braybrook. This suburb, surrounded by Footscray, Tottenham and Sunshine, is currently experiencing an outbreak of mice.

Tim is the owner of Pest Control Empire. He notes, “Footscray has always been a hot spot for rodent activity. The expansive train line, the bustling CBD and the Footscray Market all provide conducive conditions to rats and mice. Recently though we’ve noted a dramatic increase in mouse infestations throughout Braybrook. There’s no obvious reason why mouse numbers have increased in the area. It’s just symptomatic of a dramatic increase throughout Melbourne”.

How to Block Out Mice & Rats

  • Ensure your gardens are well maintained;
  • Reduce clutter in your yard, garage and the interior of the house;
  • Close off obvious entry points around doors, windows and pipe penetrations;
  • Insert weep hole covers;
  • Cut back trees and shrubs that overhang the roof line; &
  • Eliminate food sources such as fruit trees, vegetable gardens, herb gardens and compost bins.

8 Signs that Rats & Mice Are Living in your House

  1. Live sightings;
  2. Droppings;
  3. Chewed packaging;
  4. Scratching, running & gnawing sounds in your walls and roof;
  5. Agitated pets;
  6. Rub marks;
  7. Musky smells; &
  8. Rodent carcasses.

    Pest Control Braybrook
    Have you inspected your roof lately? Here we see a rat nest established within the insulation of a roof in Braybrook. Droppings and urine stains are everywhere! Call us to eradicate rodents now.

If you’re hearing noises in your walls or roof cavity, particularly at night, it’s likely that rodents have commenced nesting in your home. Mice are brazen and will try to enter your home. Rats however are shy and avoid human interaction wherever possible. Therefore if you’ve sighted droppings in your pantry, under the sink, on your kitchen bench or behind the fridge the likely culprit is mice.

The best way to ensure correct identification is to engage the services of a pest management professional. We’ll undertake a thorough inspection of your home. This will ensure correct identification of the pest issue and therefore, the correct management response.

We service the entire western suburbs of Melbourne for all pest control requirements. Call us on 1300 665 573 or send us an enquiry via our Contact Us page.