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Pest Control Melbourne Eastern Suburbs


For all your western suburbs pest control needs look no further than the locally based company, Pest Control Empire. Operating in Melbourne’s west, we serve both the residential and commercial sector for any pest related issue. If spiders are constructing webs in your pergola, or heaven forbid, termites are eating you out of house and home, you can be certain that one of our friendly and professional technicians will be on hand to assist. Tim Clinnick is the director of the company and he just loves working in the western suburbs. He says, “I’m a lifelong resident of the area and I love to help my local community. We have the experience and expertise to assist in any pest situation. It may be the destruction of a wasp nest or a highly complex termite treatment. If it’s pest related, we can help”. Professional development of pest technicians is the cornerstone of the business and allows Pest Control Empire to remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

Termites Foraging Western Suburbs
Termites foraging under backyard pavers in a western suburbs backyard. If located, do not disturb and call us immediately.

Tim continues, “There are many companies that have been around a very long time in our industry. While this is often of some benefit, often I find think it’s also a hindrance. Many technicians say that they’ve been doing this job forever and they begin to think that they know everything. Well the products available to us are forever changing and the chemicals previously used may no longer be the best available”. Tim adds, “We maintain our professional standards by a commitment to professional development. We attend all the training sessions coordinated by our suppliers and constantly research on the internet to ensure we are aware of the latest initiatives in the quest to control pests”.

Pest Control Empire has many commercial clients including cafes and restaurants in Footscray as well as child care facilities in Keilor and Sunshine. The law relating to the use of pesticides in these types of facilities are complex and for good reason: we are dealing with the health and safety of children and the public. It’s for this reason that professional development remains the crucial element to Pest Control Empire’s success.

Tim concludes, “I want my business to be known for it’s exceptional customer service. We bend over backward for our clients as we sincerely value their business. There’s no better publicity than a happy client. If you require assistance at your home or office be sure to give us a call for friendly, fast and effective pest management solutions.

Call now on 1300 665 573 or submit an enquiry via our Contact Us page. If you live in the west be sure to go local and use the services of Pest Control Empire.