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There’s something living in my roof!

Do you live in Melbourne and suspect that there’s something living in your roof? If so, chances are you are playing host to unwanted guests. Any number of wild animals can be living in your roof space and this could include:

  • Rats & Mice;
  • Possums;
  • Birds;
  • Cats; &
  • Foxes.

So how do we make the noises stop you may ask? Simple, call us and we will solve all your problems.

After we receive a call we then book an appointment to attend. You are our most important source of information so we will then quiz you about the noises you are hearing and the location/s. An inspection of the roof cavity is then conducted. Droppings and nesting materials provide vital clues as to the identity of the intruder. Rats, mice and possums are the most common invaders but never rule out the possibility of birds. To a lesser extent we have found the culprit to be cats and on one occasion a fox.

It’s not uncommon for multiple pests to be sharing the same roof space. Rats and possums in particular are often found together. Possums are native to Australia and therefore cannot be exterminated. The point of entry must be identified and closed off. A one-way door should then be installed.

One way door for possums
Once the entry point for possums into the roof space is identified it should be closed off. A one-way door should then be installed. The possum/s can exit but not re-enter.

This will allow the possum/s to exit but not re-enter. Lockable rat size bait stations can be installed in the roof at this stage. Poison bait is locked within each       station and only animals as big or smaller than a rat can enter. This is the more expensive option due to the cost of the stations so it may be best to wait for the possum/s to vacate before dealing with rodents.

rat dead in roof
Rats love to live in the roof space of our homes. They can cause all sorts of damage and make noise all through the night.

Once it’s confirmed that the possum/s are gone bait can be laid throughout the roof cavity to control the rats. Stations are not required as we are confident that no possums are present. Rats are naturally cautious so they do not immediately eat the bait unless they are starving. Once they become used to its presence they will then consume it and death is the inevitable result. The million dollar question you will always ask is where will they die? There is no definitive answer as they can be found dead in the roof, in a wall or not found at all. That is an issue to be handled if and when required.

Bait is not the only option as snap traps and tracking powder are also effective. Snap traps placed in the roof should be regularly checked as a successful capture will soon turn rotten and smelly should you not inspect. Rats can also see their ‘colleagues’ captured and subsequently avoid the traps. This is called trap shyness. Tracking powder is effective as it can be placed close to any identified point of entry, into the nest or on runways. Runways are paths that these creatures regularly use. They walk over the powder and when they groom themselves, they ingest the poison and die. The powder can also be mixed with a food source as another option.

Birds often find their way into roof cavities at the start of spring. They construct a nest close to the point of entry and commence breeding. Usually we can sit outside a home for a short period of time and watch the roof line. Birds will come and go on a regular basis and this will alert us to their point of entry. The entry point can then be closed off and the nest removed. Bird mites may be present as they love to inhabit a bird nest. Permethrin dust can be injected into the roof cavity to control this threat.

Cats and foxes require an entry point similar to a possum. This should be easily identifiable and closed off.

If you suspect an unwanted intruder in your roof be sure to contact us on 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we will contact you at an opportune time.