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Spider Spray

Summer is now in full swing and this means spiders and other insects are at their highest levels. Tim, from Pest Control Empire, reports a dramatic increase in the number of spider sprays conducted since December. He says, “It’s a very busy time of the year for the pest control Melbourne industry. If you didn’t spray your home in Spring during breeding season, you are more than likely subjecting yourself to high pest pressure throughout the summer period”. 

The most common spiders in Melbourne are:

  • the Huntsman;
  • the Daddy Long Legs;
  • the White Tail spider;
  • the Red Back spider; &
  • the Black House spider.

Spiders can be divided into two groups:

  1. Web-spinning; &

    Red Back Control Melbourne
    The red back is considered a web spinning spider and is one of many poisonous species found in Melbourne.
  2. Ground dwelling.

Spiders that spin a web are easy to control as they declare their presence by creating a web. These types include the Red Back and Black House spider. They will usually sit at the rear of the web and move forward when prey is caught in the silk. Webs are usually found in window corners, under eaves and pergolas, in trees and shrubs and other fixed objects. They are often found near lighting as the bright light will attract prey such as flies and mosquitos.

To control web-spinning spiders you need to spider spray the web directly with insecticide. The chemical should be used by a professional pest manager and protective equipment should be used at all times. The product should kill the spider and provide residual protection for an extended period.

Spiders that are considered ground dwellers, such as Huntsman and White Tail, are move difficult to control as they are nomadic. They wander the earth in search of prey and never call the same place home. In the warmer conditions that can often be found indoors and this is when the phone starts to ring for the pest industry.

Tim continues, “People can often tolerate spiders when they live outside but when they venture inside they call us pretty quickly. I find that it is families with young children that are most concerned and require swift action”.

To protect your home from these crawling pests you should always use the services of a licensed pest controller. They will:

  • Inspect your property to identify the types of pests present;
  • Spray the exterior of your home to provide protection; &
  • Spray indoors along entry points, skirting boards and cracks and crevices where they may hide.

At Pest Control Empire we like to go the ‘extra mile’ for our clients. If the home is on stumps we will inject pesticide dust into the subfloor (if safe to do so). We will also inject dust into the roof cavity. These locations are common entry points. If the home is on a concrete slab then weep holes in the walls will usually be present. These weep holes are also injected with dust to provide protection.

Spiders Enter Home Via Vent
Spiders can enter a home through a myriad of ways. Here we see entry gained via a vent.

Sheds, garages, fence lines, decks, pergolas and gardens close to the home should all be sprayed as well. Most products we use not only control spiders but also provide protection from ants, cockroaches, millipedes, earwigs, and other crawling pests.

For a spider spray for your home, call us on 1300 665 573 or submit an enquiry via our Contact Us form. We are licensed and experienced to deal with any and every pest situation.