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Rats Destroy CCTV Cables Melbourne

Destructive Rats in Melbourne

The team from Pest Control Empire Melbourne was recently called to a business in Melbourne due to a suspected rat infestation. The owner of the business had reported that his security system was no longer working. As a result, Tim and his team inspected the roof cavity where the cables for the CCTV were located. As suspected, there was considerable evidence that rats were living onsite. The telltale sign though was that the CCTV cables had been chewed! No wonder the security system wasn’t working. We’re the premier provider of rodent control in Melbourne so call us to control rats and mice now on 1300 665 573.

Tim is experienced in all forms of rodent control in Melbourne. He says, “We service cafes, restaurants, pubs, child care centers, schools, and aged care facilities. Rodents don’t discriminate. Wherever we are, they’ll be. Mice love to find their way inside the premises. They’re quite brazen and if given the chance they’ll eat the food right out of your hand. Rats, on the other hand, are shy creatures. They prefer to live in a roof cavity, subfloor, or in burrows underground. They’ll come out at night and they’ll avoid human interaction wherever possible. For some reason, rats think we’re trying to kill them!”

Rats in Melbourne

Tell tale signs of a rodent infestation:

  • Live sightings;
  • Carcasses;
  • Noises in walls and roof cavities, particularly at night;
  • Chewing sounds;
  • Agitated and nervous pets;
  • Droppings;
  • Musty smells; &
  • Faulty electrical and communications cables.

    Pest Control Braybrook
    Have you inspected your roof lately? Here we see a rat nest established within the insulation of a roof in Braybrook. Droppings and urine stains are everywhere! Call us to eradicate rodents now.

Tim says that there are many ways to control rodents, “Obviously the best form of rodent control is exclusion. What we do is firstly inspect the exterior for potential openings. The most common areas are broken air vents, gaps around plumbing, and cables that penetrate the walls and open subfloors. Weep holes are also a common entry point for mice. Rodents are also excellent climbers. They can even scale brick walls! If trees overhang the roofline these should be trimmed right back. Often though exclusion can be very difficult. If you can fit a pencil into a gap a mouse can fit through. If you can fit your thumb into a gap a rat can fit through.”

If total exclusion isn’t possible, there are other forms of rodent control available. These include:

  • Rodent snap traps;
  • Rodenticide baiting;
  • Tracking powders; &
  • Glue boards.

Tim continues, “Hygiene is also very important. Internal bins should be emptied daily. Dirty dishes should not be left out overnight. Food should be stored in airtight containers. Pet food should not be left out. If all these tips are followed you should go a long way to providing a rodent free environment.

However, if you own chickens, bird aviaries, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, compost bins, and the like, the odds of experiencing a rat or mouse infestation are very high. If you need advice on rodent control in Melbourne be sure to call us on 1300 665 573.”

In regard to the business mentioned above, we managed to eradicate the rats and our friend Troy from Elite Technologies was then called in for replacement of the security cables. Troy regularly attends these kinds of jobs. He says, “There’s no point me replacing the cables before the actual cause of the problem is rectified. Once Tim and his team have eliminated the rodent problem I’ll come in and replace the cables. Who knew rats and mice could be so destructive!”