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Tim from Pest Control Empire is reporting a dramatic increase in possum activity in Keilor, Avondale Heights and surrounding suburbs. Tim notes, “The natural habitat of a possum is the hollowed out section of a tree. Unfortunately with all the development that is taking place, these types of trees are becoming few and far between. As a result, possums are looking for shelter in the roof spaces of suburban homes”. 

Tim notes that the increased possum presence in and around local homes is driving residents crazy. Tim continues, “My clients, while respectful of the possum as a native animal, lose that respect once they enter their homes. They tell me that possums keep them awake all night and they will basically do whatever it takes to remove them”. While pest control for non-native species is not restrictive, when it comes to native animals the law does play a big part.

The ringtail and brushtail possum are native to Australia. As such, the Wildlife Act 1975 comes into effect when dealing with them in a pest control perspective. Legislation states that possums cannot be harmed in any way, so using pesticides is out of the question. Capture and relocation is allowed, but the relocation must take place on the capture site and not more than 50 metres away. This is particularly problematic if the entry point into the home cannot be located. In these instances, the creature will return and continue to cause problems.

Tim is an experienced pest manager operating in Keilor and the wider Western suburbs. He adds, “I always explain to the client what can and can’t be done and work with them to find a solution. Often I need to attend after dark while the critters are outside feeding to close of the entry point. This will usually be the case for roofs made of tin. Other times I can install a one-way door in a tiled roof before closing off the entry point. Here the animal will be able to exit out safely but entry will not be possible. A new home will soon be found and the customer will be happy and able to sleep again!”

One-way possum door
The one way door allows for the possum to exit but not re-enter.

Tim believes that Keilor and Avondale Heights are popular with these furry critters because of the close proximity to parkland. Tim continues, “The Maribyrnong River flows through these two suburbs and the trees provide perfect harbourage. However, Avondale Heights in particular is experiencing an increase in urban development with trees making way for homes. The natural habitats are being removed and shelter needs to be found somewhere. Unfortunately for a lot of people it will be in their roof space”.

These animals are very ingenious and can enter a home through a gap as small as a fist. If there’s a structural weak point in the home it will be exploited. Tim notes, “I’ve seen them lift up weather strips and tin roofs, move tiles and just about everything else to get inside. It can be an extremely costly exercise for people as the realisation often is that the roof is so degenerated that possum proofing is impossible without major restoration. This is particularly so for tiled roofs that have aged and have had the mortar crumble”.

If you’re hearing noises in your roof it is quite possible you’ve got one of these unwanted guests. It may also be rodents as the two often live side by side. If you suspect you have an intruder be sure to contact Pest Control Empire on 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form for professional, effective and affordable service.