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Possums Living in Elwood Sailing Club


Pest Control Empire was recently called into the Elwood Sailing Club after a family of possums had taken up residence in the roof. Sarah, the manager, found it increasingly hard to concentrate while the possum family thumped around directly above her office. The smell from the possum droppings and urine had also become quite overpowering. Tim Clinnick, from Pest Control Empire, conducted a thorough inspection of the facility and located a small opening that was likely providing an entry point into the roof.

Due to the roof design there was no access inside to conduct an internal inspection.  In order to confirm that the small opening was the only point of entry, Tim placed several pieces of crumpled newspaper into the opening. If this was the opening used by the possums then by morning the newspaper would be pushed out of the opening. Tim returned the following morning and confirmed that the newspaper was now located on the overhang below. Now satisfied that he knew the point of entry, all that was left to do was to return after dark to close off the hole.

A hole for a possum to enter a roof
A family of possums entered the roof of the Elwood Sailing Club via this small opening

Possums are nocturnal and come out at night to feed. To ensure that no possums were left inside Tim arrived after 7.00 p.m. and closed off the hole with a piece of steel sheet, confident that the possum family would be outside feeding. Possums are a native animal and are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. Strict enforcement of the law relating to possum capture and release is enforced by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

This Act states that it is illegal to handle or interfere with possums except when they are in a roof or other part of a building. In these instances a trap can be used to capture the animal but it must then be released on the same property, not more than 50 metres from the capture site.

Relocating a captured possum is illegal and inhumane. Research shows that a relocated possum will experience considerable stress, often leading to death. A relocated possum will also likely be released within the territory of an existing possum and a fight will often ensue that can also lead to death. Fines of up to $5,000 applies to any breaches of this legislation.

Tim states, “Possums traditionally live in tree hollows but with the reduction in trees due to residential and commercial development, roof voids have become a common habitat. Possums can cause all sorts of damage in roof voids and it is desirable to have them removed at the earliest opportunity”. Tim adds, “Possums require an opening about the size of a clenched fist so any openings of this size need to be closed. It is also my experience that rats and mice will also be inhabiting a roof occupied by possums. Rats only need an opening the width of a thumb while mice require an opening the width of a little finger”.

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