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Pest Control Taylors Hill

Pest Control Empire operates in the western suburbs of Melbourne with Taylors Hill a frequently visited suburb. The residents of this relatively new area are very home proud and as a result our services have increased dramatically since the start of spring. Tim Clinnick, of Pest Control Empire, says: “The homes in Taylors Hill are often grand with beautifully landscaped gardens. The owners are obviously very house proud. Since the weather has warmed up I’ve spent a lot of time in this area conducting sprays to keep these homes free from ants, cockroaches, spiders and other crawling pests. Birds have also been a major issue, often living in the eaves of the roof”. 

Proactive use of pesticides is a great way to make sure crawling insects and spiders that live in and around your home are controlled. Once or even twice a year you should engage the services of a pest manager to spray around the perimeter of your home to eliminate any existing problems. For a thorough treatment, pesticide dust can be injected into a subfloor, wall cavities and roof voids to take care of any nasties lurking in these areas.

Pest Control Service Melbourne
Protect your home from pests with an approved pesticide for long lasting results.

It may also be necessary to place rodent bait into select areas including the roof to contain rats and mice. At this time of year it’s important not to allow a large rodent population to exist as this will attract snakes. The most common snakes in Melbourne’s west are the tiger and brown snakes. Both are highly venomous and aggressive if startled or threatened. Steps to make your home less attractive to reptiles include:

  • Keeping vegetation including grass well maintained;
  • Not storing items directly on the ground, such as a pile of wood or iron sheets as this provides ideal harbourage;
  • Eliminating rats and mice; &
  • Storing any pet food in sealed containers.

If you would like a proactive ‘spring clean’ of your property contact us now for fast and very effective service. The products we use are approved by the regulatory body and are safe when used according to the label. If you require the inside of the property to be treated you will need to vacate the home until the products used are dry. The industry standard to vacate a home is 4 hours.

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