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Pest Control Northern Suburbs

Pest Control Northern Suburbs

Pest Control Northern Suburbs – Do you reside in Melbourne’s north? If so, it’s the perfect time to have your home or business premises protected from Pests. Spring is the optimum time for insects such as ants, cockroaches and spiders to breed. By Summer their numbers can be in plague proportions. Suburbs such as Moonee Ponds, Flemington, Kensington, Brunswick, Preston and Thornbury can be havens for all types of pests. Call us now to protect yourself from vermin and insects.

The most common tasks performed by Pest Control Empire in Spring are:

A spider spray involves spraying the interior and exterior of the home or office with a chemical that knocks down any spiders currently living within the property. The chemical should also provide a period of residual protection. The chemical used is usually a repellent. This means that a spider that approaches an object will actually know that that object has been sprayed with a chemical. It should therefore continue on its way to another area that has not been sprayed.

When treating a premises for spiders it’s also pertinent to inject a repellent dust into the roof cavity and subfloor (when safe to do so). If the premises is situated on a concrete slab (meaning there is no subfloor), then the weep holes in the brickwork can also be injected with a repellent dust. These weep holes are a common way for pests to enter the home.

Fences, decks, pergolas, carports and garages should all be sprayed to protect from spiders.

Pest Control Northern Suburbs
Redbacks live at the back of their nest. They are a poisonous spider but anti-venom is readily available if bitten.

Ants are a social insect that live in a nest. The queen constantly produces new ants. These new ants must be fed. The ants you will see are workers. Their role is to find food for the colony. You’ll often find a trail of ants leading directly to your pantry! All food should be in secure packaging. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately. Knowing the biology of an ant helps us to control them. The best chemical to use to control ants is a non-repellent. A non-repellent is not detectable. This means that ants will come into contact with the chemical and become infected without knowing it.

As they are social they interact with other ants. An infected ant will infect other ants that they come into contact with. A non-repellent is also slow to kill. This allows infected ants the time to return to the nest. Once back at the nest the chemical can transfer like wildfire and wipe out the entire colony.

Spring means birds. This means nests. Birds love to nest in roof cavities. Often they can enter a roof through cracked mortar. They can even slip into a roof through a gap between the gutter and a tile or iron sheet. Removing birds from a roof is not always an easy task, particularly if they are entering through the gap between the gutter and the roof. Often we need to install gutter guard around the perimeter of the home to block them out.

Gutter guard acts to block out birds but also block out debris such as leaves. This can save you time cleaning your gutters and also save you from climbing ladders and putting your safety at risk. Before installing gutter guard we clean the gutters. The birds and their nests are also removed. Once installed there should be no further issue.

Birds also love to roost and nest on solar panels. We also specialise in proofing solar panels from birds.

There are also other products we can use to stop birds roosting on pergolas and other objects. This can include bird spikes.

So for pest control northern suburbs of Melbourne be sure to contact us on 1300 665 573 or leave your information on our Contact Us page.