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Melton Pest Control


Tim Clinnick from Pest Control Empire states that Melton is one of Melbourne’s busiest suburbs for pest control services. Tim says, “I’m based in the western suburbs of Melbourne and a large quantity of my call outs are to Melton. There’s no pest in particular that is the major concern. In fact, I’ve been called out for all sorts of problems including rodents, termites, spiders, European wasps and even snakes!” 

Tim has a connection to Melton as his wife Beck was raised in Melton. Tim continues, “Melton is like my second home. My wife was raised there and her parents and two of her siblings still live and work in the suburb. We’re out that way quite a lot so I’ve made it my business to get to know the area and the people who work there”. Tim is familiar with the local agents and property managers of the many real estate agencies in the area.

Tim adds, “Agents regularly call on my expertise when a client requires a pest inspection prior to the purchase of a new home. There’s also many rental properties in the area so the property managers call on me to attend to any rental property pest control issues they may have”.

Tim is also a close friend of the Melton Bloods Football Club playing coach, Brad Murphy. He says, “Brad’s a mate of mine so I’ve been down to watch the Bloods quite a few times. I’ve met a few of the other guys and I’ve helped them out on occasion with several pest control services”.

Tim recalls attending a termite inspection in Melton South in May in Brooklyn Road. He says, “The owner of a home in the street called me and he was quite a character. Larry was his name and he had squeaky floorboards so he lifted the rug and found live termites. I think he got a bit overwhelmed and he ran outside, got a can of petrol and tipped it on them! While it might kill the termites that came into contact with the chemical it certainly won’t have any impact on the colony”.

Termite Mud Tunnel
Termites tunnelling up through the subfloor of a Melton South home. Pest Control Empire located the entry point and eliminated the problem.

Tim continues, “Larry lived in a group of attached villas and all the neighbours decided that while I was there I should also inspect their properties for termites. As it turns out four out of the five properties were found to have live termites”. Tim notes that the properties were all in close proximity to Toolern Creek. As a result of living close to a water source the soil is usually always moist. Moist soil provides an ideal environment for termites to live and breed. Termites must feed and their food of choice is wood so homes in close proximity are always in danger of attack.

Tim concludes, “All of the properties agreed to have a termite treatment and I’m happy to say that after I returned for a follow up inspection, no live termites were sighted. This was a great relief to the owners and I was glad I could assist before any more damage was done”.

Tim left termite detection warning letters in the neighbouring letterboxes and actually received a call from the next door neighbour that night. The neighbour also confirmed the presence of termites and has assured Tim that he’s the man for the job when he obtains the required funds.

Pest Control Empire are happy to assist anyone in Melton, Melton West, Melton South, Brookfield, Kurunjang and all surrounding areas for any pest control situation. Simply contact 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form for fast, efficient and affordable service.