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Pest Control Lilydale

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Pest Control Lilydale & Yarra Valley

Do you require pest control Lilydale and surrounding suburbs? We’re now offering pest control services to the residents and business owners in Lilydale and Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. We’ve recently undergone internal expansion that has allowed us to increase the areas to which we service. The team has recruited a pest manager based in the eastern suburbs and that now means we can service all of Melbourne. We service both the residential and commercial sector for all types of pests. Food industry pest control for cafes and restaurants that require ongoing management can now rely on our proven expertise in this area.

The services we offer include:

  • Spider Control;
  • Ant Control;
  • Termite Control;
  • Bee Control;
  • Wasp Control;

    Pest Control Lilydale
    Wasps will often build a nest in the soil. Stings can be fatal so avoid these pests at all costs.
  • Cockroach Control;
  • Bedbug Control;
  • Bird Control;
  • Mosquito Control;
  • Mice Control;
  • Rat Control:
  • Fly Control;
  • Flea Control;
  • Silverfish Control;
  • Stored Product Pest Control; &
  • Dead Animal Removal.

The region is high in regard to pest pressure. The large trees are home to thousands of termite colonies. We offer a timber pest inspection of your home complete with an electronic report. This will help to determine whether any timber pests, including termites, borers and wood decay, are destroying your home. It will also advise whether conditions exist on your property that can attract such pests.

Pest Control Lilydale
Termites are very destructive and that is why you should have a pest inspection of your home at least annually.

If it’s spiders that concern you then why not have your home treated inside and out? We’ll spray your home internally and externally, put chemical dust in your subfloor (if applicable) & roof cavity. While we’re there we will also spray garages, sheds, decks, pergolas, fences and gardens close to the home. Ask us about our insect and rodent special if mice and rats are also on your radar.

If possums are invading your roof cavity then we’d love to hear from you. We’ll inspect your home to determine the entry point/s. Once identified we will permanently close it off. But don’t fear, we won’t trap the possum in the roof. We’ll install a one-way door so the intruder can exit but not re-enter. This method causes the least stress on the possum and complies with the strict legislation that applies. We just love Possum Control so you can rely on us to assist.

We’re just a phone call or email away so call 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form to make contact. We hope to hear from you soon!