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Pest control is a year-round service and the suburb of Keilor Downs sure has its share of pests. Tim Clinnick is the owner of Pest Control Empire and is based in Melbourne’s western suburbs. He says, “I live in Keilor and for all mobile businesses it’s ideal to work as close to home as possible. I service all of Melbourne’s west and the suburbs I frequent most would be Keilor, Keilor Downs, Sunshine, Melton and Caroline Springs. The major pests in these areas are rats, mice, spiders, cockroaches and ants”.

Spring is a busy time of year for the pest industry. The conditions in Spring are ideal for breeding. Tim says the most common tasks his company performs at this time of year include:

  • Spider spraying;
  • Ant spraying;
  • Cockroach spraying; &
  • Bird proofing.

    Cockroach in a Restaurant
    Roaches are a major pest particularly in Spring. Has your home sprayed to prevent ants, spiders, and cockroaches now?

Birds love to live at heights as far away from predators as possible. Our roofs become ideal nesting sites at this time of year. Tim continues, “We spend at a lot of time in new estates as builders and roofers are great at keeping water out of the house but keeping pests out is not a concern for them. Colourbond roofs are often easily entered as the gap between the sheet and the gutter is often big enough for rats, mice, and birds to enter through. Usually, we can handle the vermin easily and at a minimal cost. However, often we need to install a gutter guard around the entire perimeter of the house to keep out birds. This can be costly”.

Ants and cockroaches are social insects that interact with each other. For this reason, Tim always uses a non-repellent slow-acting chemical for these pests. He adds, “We use the habits of these insects to bring about their own downfall. I spray the perimeter of the home with a product that is not detectable and takes some time to kill the target. Basically, a roach or ant will come in contact with the chemical and not know that it has become infected. It will then interact with others of its kind. The product will transfer to the others and soon enough the colony will be wiped out”.

Spiders are treated differently as they do not interact with other spiders. Tim continues, “When it comes to spiders I spray the home, fences, and nearby gardens with a strong repellent with fast knockdown properties. The chemical will kill all spiders that it touches during the spraying process. The chemical will bind to the surface that it’s sprayed onto. It will then provide ongoing protection due to its repellency. Therefore, any new spiders that venture close by will know the home has been sprayed and should keep looking for a place to live”.

Should you be conducting a ‘spring clean’ this year then be sure to include pests in the items for disposal. Simply contact us on 1300 665 573 to book an appointment or lodge an enquiry on our Contact Us page and we’ll be in touch.