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Pest Control East Keilor

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Pest Control East Keilor – if this is a service you require then why not go local? Call Pest Control Empire for prompt but more importantly, effective control of any and all pests. We’re based in Keilor and love to serve the clientele of Melbourne’s western suburbs. Pests are a year round problem. You may be infested with mice or cockroaches. You may have a phobia of spiders. Or, heaven forbid, your home is under attack by termites. Give us a call now to discuss the solution to your problem.

Tim is the owner of Pest Control Empire and he’s been a resident of Keilor all his life. He says, “I love the western suburbs and my preference is obviously to work as close to home as possible. Pests are a constant threat to health, safety and in the case of termites, they can really hit you where it hurts – the hip pocket!”

Pest Control East Keilor
We’re the locally based pest professionals. Call now to protect your family from pests.

We’re experienced with all creepy crawlies, flying nasties and dirty rodents. There’s nothing that we haven’t seen before. Helping the residents of East Keilor and surrounding suburbs including Airport West and Avondale Heights gives us great pleasure. Tim adds, “Spring is upon us and this means it’s breeding season for insects. We can spray your home with a protective chemical barrier that will not only kill any current invaders, it will also provide ongoing protection. A spray is very effective to control ants, cockroaches and spiders”.

Spring also means breeding season for birds. They just love to nest in the roof of our homes. Do you fancy being woken before sunrise by the sound of chicks chirping in your roof? We didn’t think so. We specialise in bird proofing homes. Indian myna birds in particular love to get into our roof and breed. They’re an imported species that basically dominates the environment it lives in. They’re known to kick other native birds out of their nest and take over their food source.  If birds are living in your roof or even just sitting on your pergola and making a mess then we can solve your problem.

To book an appointment contact us on 1300 665 573 or leave your information on our Contact Us page and we’ll respond at our earliest opportunity.