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Pest Removal Deer Park

There’s certainly no shortage of pests in the Melbourne suburb of Deer Park. From ant infestations to rat and mouse plagues, there’s plenty of pest control required in Deer Park. This suburb, in Melbourne’s west, has a mix of commercial businesses and residential homes and all are susceptible to pest infestation. Should you require pest removal in Deer Park be sure to call in your local pest extermination professionals, Pest Control Empire.

General Pest Spray Deer Park

We offer a service known as a general pest spray. This is the best service to control a spider infestation and to prevent other pests including ants and cockroaches. We use a strong repellent to spray exterior areas including fences, exterior walls, eaves, garden beds, play equipment and around windows and doors. The chemical we use will quickly kill any insect that it comes into direct contact with. The chemical will also bind to any surface that it comes into contact with. It will therefore act a protection barrier for your home.

The best chemical to use in these circumstances in a repellent. Insects can detect its presence and will do whatever they can to avoid it. The barrier should provide ongoing protection for your home but the length of time it will last will vary from home to home. Should your home have a subfloor, weep holes or accessible roof cavity we will also inject a repellent dust which will have the same quick knock down effect as the liquid spray.

Ant & Cockroach Spray Deer Park

Ants and cockroaches are social insects. They interact and live in a nest as a group. The best method to eliminate ants and cockroaches is to use a non-repellent chemical spray. If we can find a trail of ants or a group of cockroaches it will certainly help to swiftly eliminate the colony. We’ll apply a spray to the active pests and when these contaminated insects interact with others they will unknowingly spread the chemical.

The chemicals we use are slow acting to allow the affected insects time to return to their nests or harbourage areas. The colony will soon die and provide you with a pest free home.

Rat & Mouse Control Deer Park

Rats will rarely enter an occupied home. They’re petrified of human interaction and will avoid us at all costs. Rats will live in your subfloor, walls and roof cavity by day and venture out in search of food and a good time at night. Mice differ to rats in that they’re very brazen. If given a chance, they’ll pinch food directly from your hand. They’re happy to live among us in the interior of your home.

Common spots mice will nest include:

  • Behind the fridge;
  • Under the dish washer;
  • Under the sink;
  • Under kitchen cupboards / behind kick boards;
  • In walls; &
  • In the roof cavity.

We offer various methods of rodent control in Deer Park depending on the situation. This can include:

  • Mixing a poison with food the rodents are already consuming, such as bird seed, dog food or fruit and vegetables;
  • Rodenticide bait in secure, tamper proof containers;
  • Glue boards;
  • Snap traps; &
  • As a tracking powder that rodents walk over. The powder attaches to their paws and rats and mice ingest the poison powder when they lick their paws.

    Pest Control Deer Park
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