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We’ve now spread our pest control services to Croydon in Melbourne’s east. Tim is the managing director of the Pest Control Empire and he explains that the workload for pest control Croydon has seen the need for representation in this area. Tim says, “The City of Maroondah, the Yarra Valley, and the Mount Dandenong area has a huge demand for pest services. It was a logical decision for us to recruit a pest manager from this region to enable us to best serve the demand”. 

Alan Gray has now joined the team and he brings a wealth of experience and pest expertise. Tim adds, “Alan has over 10 years of service to the pest industry. I found that possum control and possum proofing of homes was in high demand in this part of Melbourne. Alan excels at this type of work so he really is the perfect fit for us”.

Alan lives locally and enjoys helping his community. He says, “It’s great to be a part of a growing team. The workload from day one has been huge. I don’t think it will be long before we need to add further pest managers to the team. I enjoy the intricacies of possum work. To be honest most pest control companies I’ve worked for put possum control into the too hard basket. I wanted to work for a company that provides this service. My background is in general pest services but I have a passion for possums. I just really like work. I get great satisfaction out of helping my clients evict their unwanted visitors. Possums can really disturb your sleep so a rested client is a good client”.

We now offer the following pest management services in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs:

  • Rodent Control (rats & mice);
  • Possum Control & Possum Proofing;
  • Bird Control (including protection for solar panels and gutters);
  • Crawling Insect Control (spiders, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, bedbugs);
  • Termite Control; &
  • Flying Insect Control (flies, mosquitos, moths, bees & wasps).

    Pest Control Croydon | Possum Control
    Possums and rodents love to live in our roof. We specialise in blocking them out.

Another sought after service we offer is dead animal removal. Tim continues, “We’re one of the few companies to offer this service. There is a huge demand for it in this area. The rodent and possum population in this area is high. These animals love to live in our roof cavities and yes, they can and do die up there! The smell can be all-consuming. The happiest client I have is one who sees us successfully remove a rotting carcass!”

To book an appointment for pest control Croydon all you need to do is call 1300 665 573 or enter some brief information into our Contact Us form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and offering great service.