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No suburb is immune to a pest infestation. Boronia, a suburb in Melbourne’s east, is no exception. Situated close to the Dandenong Ranges, Boronia is a known haven for rodents, including rats and mice. Possums also thrive in this area as the large quantity of trees provide the perfect harbourage. Insect pests are also prevalent. This includes ants, cockroaches and spiders. We operate in Boronia and throughout the eastern suburbs. Our technicians are experienced, highly trained and passionate about quality service. Are there unexplained noises in your roof? If so we can attend and conduct an inspection. The likely culprit will be rodents, possums or even both! Tim is the owner of Pest Control Empire and he says, “The natural habitat of local wildlife is quickly being removed and replaced with housing and commercial buildings. Possums prefer the tranquility of dense vegetation, including large trees. We’re removing the preferred living areas of these animals through development. As a result, they need to find somewhere else to live. This can quite often be within the roof cavity of a residential home”.

Possum removal in Melbourne is a growing industry. The ringtail and brush tail possum are native to Australia. This means that they cannot be killed. The kangaroo is also a native animal. However, due to the damage they can cause, they are regularly culled. The possum however, is not culled. Their numbers are growing rapidly. Our service of possum control is our most popular.

Tim continues, “We’re regularly proofing homes to prevent possum entry. Our pest managers have a trained eye and are very proficient at identifying entry points. We’ll close off those entry points to prevent entry. However, we must install a one-way door into the roof. This allows for any occupants to exit but not re-enter. The last thing you want to do is trap a possum within your roof. Starvation is a cruel and painful way to die. The stench of the rotting carcass is also un bearable!”

Possum Removal | Pest Control Boronia
Once the entry point for possums into the roof space is identified it should be closed off. A one-way door should then be installed. The possum/s can exit but not re-enter.

From Rodent Control to Termite Control to Spider Control and everything in between, we’re always available to assist for pest control Boronia and surrounding suburbs.

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