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Caroline Springs Mice Removal

Mice Removal Caroline Springs

Mice Removal Caroline Springs

Caroline Springs is currently under siege from mice. That’s the verdict from Tim Clinnick, the owner of Pest Control  Empire. He says, “We’re in Caroline Springs each and every day helping residents and business owners bring the mouse plague under control”. Tim adds, “The open fields close to Caroline Springs are a haven for mice in the warmer months. However, as the colder weather approaches mice seek out shelter and warmth. It’s at this time that we see mice come into our homes in droves”. 

For the residents and business owners of Caroline Springs, these are the common warning signs of a mouse infestation:

  • Noises such as scurrying and gnawing in the walls and roof, particularly at night as mice are nocturnal;
  • Agitated pets;
  • Mouse droppings in and around the kitchen and pantry;
  • Chewed food and food packaging – mice can chew through cardboard and plastic very easily; &
  • Live mouse sightings.

Tim says that the intention of a mouse is to find its way into your home. He says, “While a rat prefers to live in your roof or subfloor and come outdoors at night to feed, a mouse will ideally want to come into your home and raid your pantry. Mice will also climb your bench tops to attack your fruit bowl. While rats will avoid interaction with humans, mice are far more brazen and will almost pick food right out of your hand if given the chance!”

Caroline Springs Mice Removal
Mice are invading homes and businesses all over Melbourne. Call us now for control of mice now.

The most common ways for mice to enter a home your Caroline Springs home or business are:

  • Through weep holes;
  • Either side of garage roller doors;
  • Under doors;
  • Where plumbing pipes, hot water systems, split systems & cables enter the structure; &
  • Where trees and other objects overhang the roofline and allow easy passage into the roof cavity.

Tim says that blocking mice out can be extremely difficult. He says, “Mice have an unbelievable climbing ability. They can easily scale a brick wall to find a gap into a wall or the roof. Trees that overhang the roofline are particularly problematic. A mouse will simply climb the try and once it’s on the roof, there will be a hundred different ways into the actual roof cavity”.

Tim also says that people often try and fail at DIY mouse control. He continues, “Many people ring me and tell me that they’ve put out traps but had no success. Mice are very skilled at removing the lure from snap traps. That’s why we focus on proven techniques such as dusting and baiting”.

Dusting for mice involves the injection of rodenticide dust into entry points such as weep holes. It may also be necessary to put dust into the back of a fridge or under a dishwasher where mice like to nest. The mouse comes in contact with the dust and when they groom themselves, they ingest the dust and it kills them. Baiting the roof cavity and placing bait in lockable bait stations in and around activity areas is also effective. Bait is placed into a locked station so that young children and pets cannot access the bait.

When you are experiencing a mouse infestation it’s vital to remain vigilant with cleaning. You should never leave dirty dishes out overnight, and spills and crumbs should be immediately wiped up and internal bins should be emptied daily.

Tim concludes, “Unfortunately for the residents of Caroline Springs and other nearby suburbs, mice will continue to be a problem until all the outlying areas are developed. New estate areas always have a problem with mice until development is fully complete”.

If you require mouse removal Caroline Springs, Plumpton, Fraser Rise, Taylors Hill and Hillside, please call the rodent control Melbourne specialists on 1300 665 573. We’ll eliminate mice from your home or business to allow you to rest easy. For more tips on mice removal Caroline Springs please read the following link.