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How to reduce pests this Spring in Melbourne

So how can you reduce pests around your home in Melbourne this Spring?

As we bid farewell to the chills of winter and welcome the warmer weather, we start planning long lazy days enjoying the sunshine with our family and friends. With the changing of the seasons we see not only a change in the weather, but in the increase of biting and stinging pests of Spring and Summer. These pests love nothing more than to invade our homes and gardens, spoiling our fun in the sun.

The most common Springtime pests are:

  • Ants;
  • Flies;
  • Bees;
  • Wasps;
  • Termites;
  • Spiders; &
  • Cockroaches.

    How to reduce pests this Spring
    Wasps will often build a nest in the soil. Stings can be fatal so avoid these pests at all costs.

But don’t despair as there are several ways you can ensure your warmer days are not marred by these unwelcome guests.

Time for a Spring (pest control) clean!

The best way to ensure a pest free home this Spring is to ensure you keep your home clean and well-maintained. Eliminate any clutter both inside and outside. Many pests seek out the warm enclosed spaces found in a clutter filled room or yard.

Nothing attracts pests faster than dust, food scraps and spills. Ensure your home is cleaned regularly and that any food or liquid spills are cleaned straight away. Now is also the time to attend to any maintenance and repairs needed around the home. Torn window screens, cracks near windows and gaps under doors offer an “open door”, giving pests unlimited access to your home and loved ones.

It’s also important to keep your gutters clean from leaf litter. A build up of debris in your gutters prevents water from flowing and causes it to pool. Pooling water in your gutters provides ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes. This is also true for other locations around your home where water may pool such as car tyres, bird baths and pot plants.

You should always clear out garden beds of excess mulch and dead plants as your warm, moist garden beds are ideal homes for insect infestation. The closer your garden beds are to your home, the higher the risk that infestation will also include your home.

While there are many DIY projects you can complete to help protect your family and home this Spring, one of the best things you can do is employ a professional pest controller Melbourne to complete a general Spring Spray to ensure you can enjoy a pest free Spring and Summer. To find out more about this service simply click this link.

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