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Do you have a dead animal in your wall, subfloor or ceiling in your Melbourne home and need it removed? Tim from Pest Control Empire prides himself on his ability to locate and remove dead animals and their unwanted odour. Tim says, “I’m getting several calls a day from people who are desperate to have the foul stench removed that only a dead body can produce. It is unhealthy and generally unbearable so I treat these jobs as urgent. If I can’t get to the property on the day of calling I will always make time to get there the next day”.

This winter has been a particularly busy one for the pest control industry in Melbourne. The cold temperatures mean that animals including rats and possums are looking to find a warm place to sleep. A roof space with insulation provides ideal harbourage to ride out a chilly winter period for these pests. The noises they make are disturbing with activity most active at night. Tim says, “The noises can be fighting and even mating which is not pleasant to think about. Droppings and urine can smell and stain ceilings. Rats also chew continuously so they can also cause damage to electrical wiring and communications cabling. Rats have been known to cause fires so when you hear the fire brigade say a fire started through an unknown origin, don’t discount the option that a rat was responsible”.

In order to assist in locating the source of the foul odour it is important to remember where the initial smell was detected. The carcass will likely be close by to this point. However, it is important to search any subfloor area is access is available, as well as the roof cavity as animals usually live in groups so if one animal has died there may be more. A methodical search is therefore required and an experienced pest manager should look for tell tale signs of a rotting carcass. Tim continues, “Obviously the closer you get to the body the stronger the smell. If your eyes start to water then you’re getting warm! Blow flies will usually be in close proximity as they lay their eggs in rotting carcasses. The eggs develop into maggots and they eat the flesh before changing into the blow fly”.

Once you locate the carcass it needs to be placed into a bag and sealed. Any object that has come into contact with the body should also be removed as they will continue to smell even after the body is removed. Industrial grade disinfectant should then be sprayed and the area treated with a insecticide to kill the maggots and flies. Once the body is removed it’s amazing how quickly the smell dissipates. Tim also stocks odour removal products that work effectively.

Tim says, “Last week I was called out to a home in Carlton North. The home was 140 years old and was quite grand. However, each time the central heating was turned on a foul odour emanated throughout the house. This is a good sign that an animal has either died inside the ducting or directly underneath it. The owner, Tom, advised me that the subfloor was difficult to navigate as it was quite narrow. Nevertheless I took the chance and headed in for a look. Luckily I found the source of the smell which turned out to be a black rat. It had decided to pass away underneath a duct and of course the smell passed through the house whenever the heating was turned on. Tom and his family couldn’t be happier as after I removed the source and followed the usual clean up procedure the smell instantly disappeared”.

Dead Rodent
Pest Control Empire locate a dead rodent in a roof cavity

Tim then installed rodent bait stations around the perimeter of the home as well as adding bait to the subfloor and roof void. Tim also assisted in sealing off possible entry points and the end result was another very happy customer. Tim concludes, “I usually find the carcass and remove it but on the odd occasion the animal may have died in a wall cavity or in an area that isn’t accessible. This isn’t ideal but the odour removal products I stock can alleviate the smell. If worst comes to worst we can cut through flooring, the ceiling or walls to try to find the source but most clients don’t want to damage their property. In these instances I advise my customers that we need to allow nature to take its cause and let the body decompose naturally. It’s unfortunate by sometimes there’s just nothing else we can do”.

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