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Cockroach Infestation


Cockroach Infestation

Tim from Pest Control Empire recently responded to an outbreak of German cockroaches in a Southbank café where numbers had reached epic proportions. The café owner was obviously concerned as the reputation and financial viability of his business was at stake.

Tim attended at a suitable time outside business hours in order to provide discretion to the café owner. Upon attendance, Tim spoke in detail with the café owner. Understanding the problem is vital and the best source of information is obviously the person who has the most contact with it. Tim ascertained that the problem has been ongoing since the café opened in 2010. The owner is specialised in the service of coffee and pre-packaged meals. As he did not prepare food on-site he did not think he needed to be held to the same standards as other foodservice businesses. How wrong he was!

In fact, the only reason he called in a pest manager was that cockroaches were living inside his point of sale equipment and had eaten the wiring, costing him over $1,000 to replace. Tim then spent several hours inspecting the premises, identifying every crack, crevice, and likely hiding place. Once they were all identified, he then set about identifying what attracted them in the first place. Cockroaches obviously require food and water to survive. Sanitation in the café was average, with coffee grains on bench surfaces and also scattered across the floor.

Roaches love coffee and the moisture provided by the industrial-strength washing machine provided sufficient supplies of water. This café ticked every box necessary for cockroaches and allowed them to flourish. Tim then applied a pesticide treatment consisting of liquid concentrate to the floors. Dust was applied to the cracks and crevices to allow for deep penetration. Dust was also applied to the motors of the fridges and washing machines as a liquid cannot be used in these areas.

These products have several effects. Direct contact with the cockroach infestation will lead to paralysis and death and is fast-acting. They are also detectable so the cockroach will not approach any areas that the product has been used. Use of these products on food preparation, storage and service areas is not allowed. In these areas, Tim used an attractant that is mixed with a non-repellent pesticide. This is in gel form.

The gel is put into a cockroach café that encloses the product. A door is left open for the cockroach to enter and feed. The cockroach then consumes the product and returns to the nesting area. Cockroaches are social creatures and gather together in large numbers. An infected cockroach passes on the gel through contaminated feces and direct contact with other cockroaches. This has a ‘domino effect’ and is an effective method of control.

After the initial treatment, it was recommended to the café owner that he should thoroughly clean each item within the premises and maintain a very high standard of sanitation. Without proper cooperation, effective control becomes near impossible. Tim made an appointment to re-attend in 7 days’ time.
Upon return, the cockroach infestation was under control and an ongoing management plan was arranged. It was fantastic to see that the cafe owner had actually listened when Tim explained exactly what needed to be done to prevent similar outbreaks. Working together as a team to eliminate a problem is far more effective and cheaper than relying on a pest manager to attend on a regular basis to deploy chemicals to merely manage the problem.

Cockroach Infestation Action

It is vital that action is taken as soon as cockroach infestation is detected. In suitable conditions, it is very common for population numbers to explode. Should a customer sight an active infestation there is nothing more certain than the fact that they will stop being a paying customer. The food industry is also highly scrutinized by the Department of Health and must meet very high standards of hygiene and sanitation. Food contamination is a very real possibility and cockroaches carry numerous diseases that affect humans. Food business owners face considerable fines and closure for failure to meet these high standards. Court proceedings and subsequent media publicity can destroy the goodwill of any business.

The one non-negotiable for any food business is a pest management plan. Pest Control Empire specialise in the management of pests in the food industry. We have many cafes, restaurants, and hotels that utilise our services on a regular basis. We have an excellent rapport with our clients and we seek to educate them on pest control best practice so that pest problems are minimised. For an obligation, free quotation simply contact us or 1300 665 573 to speak with a licensed pest manager.