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Best Pest Control in Melbourne

Are you looking for the best pest control in Melbourne? You should be! We’re experienced in all fields of pest management. From residential home to a cafe to a chain of restaurants, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before. All our technicians are licensed by the industry body. We also adhere to the strict guidelines that are in place with regard to pesticide use. We use the most environmentally friendly products available. If you’re concerned about insecticide or rodenticide use on your property, simply express your concern and we’ll provide you with all the information you need. 

Why are we the best pest control service in Melbourne?

We specialise in:

Tim is the director of the Pest Control Empire. He says, “In a short space of time we’ve managed to entrench ourselves at the forefront of the pest industry in Melbourne. We’ve achieved our standing by always exceeding the expectations of our clients. We value your home or business as if it’s our own. When our clients see how much we care they know they’re in good hands. A happy client is the best source of advertising. It’s also the cheapest! Word of mouth has helped us grow. We’re always interested in opportunities to expand”.

The best way to solve a pest problem is to:

  • Listen to the client;
  • Inspect the property;
  • Identify the pest issues;
  • Identify any conducive conditions;
  • Treat the problem;
  • Provide strategies to prevent a reoccurrence.

    Best Pest Control in Melbourne
    The team at Pest Control Empire is always available to help the residents & business owners of Melbourne.

Tim continues, “Pest control is a reactive industry and is a best pest control service provider. We really only get called once an issue has become established. For example, cafes and restaurants have a legal requirement to be pest-free. To me, this means that an active management plan should be in place from day one. While most comply, many also only call us once ants, cockroaches or rodents become an obvious problem.

Cafe and restaurant operators tend to only want us to attend until the issue is sorted. There’s usually no regard for ongoing management. I understand that we charge a fee for our service but our prices are reasonable for the job we do. If you’re free of creepy crawlies this means we’re doing something right. It doesn’t mean that we should no longer attend until something else goes wrong”.

If you have any queries in relation to pest control simply contact us on 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form.