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Spiders That Require Pest Control in Melbourne


Melbourne pest control season is in full swing so it’s an ideal time for us to provide you with a guide to the most common spiders you will likely encounter in and around your home. Melbourne is home to all types of spiders: deadly and dangerous, poisonous and painful and those that pose little to no harm to you or your pets. We’re a Melbourne pest control company that specialises in eliminating pests from your home and place of business. Contact us on 1300 665 573 for any pest control Melbourne service.


Deadly & Dangerous Spiders in Melbourne that require Pest Control

Spiders control | Red back spider in web
The red back spider injects venom and commonly live among us.

The red back spider is a highly venomous species that is found throughout Melbourne. The red back spins a messy web and is commonly found around our homes. They live on outdoor furniture, logs and rubbish such as old car and truck tyres.

The adult female is recognisable by the prominent red stripe on the upper side of her abdomen. Females have a body length of approximately 1cm. The male is far smaller and does not have the red stripe. After mating the female often cannibalises the male! The egg sac of the female can obtain around 250 eggs. Now that’s a lot of red back spiders.

The red back can be seriously harmful to humans. The estimate for red back spider bites to humans annually ranges from between 2000 to 10,000. If bitten, you will experience pain around the bite site. It will become more severe and will progress up the bitten limb. You may experience sweating, patchy skin, nausea, vomiting, headache and agitation.

The good news is that anti-venom has been available since 1956. Further good news is that we can treat your home or office for these biting pests in Melbourne. We offer pest control Melbourne spider sprays that will knock down the red back and then deter others from inhabiting your property.


Pest Control Fraser Rise | Plumpton
The female white tail is larger than its male counterpart.

The whitetail spider is so named because of the white tips on their end of their abdomen. They have a slender body about 1.8cm long. The whitetail spider is prominent in Melbourne. It preys on other spiders and is considered a ground dweller. This means that rather than spinning a web, it keeps on the move in search of prey.

These types of spiders are found in your garden, under bark and rocks and will often wander indoors. It’s common for whitetail spiders to be found under bedding, clothes on your floor and in shoes!


Whitetail spiders commonly bite humans and pets and symptoms include localised pain to the bite site and a red mark with swelling and itching. Ulcers and necrosis have been attributed to this spider but evidence by medical researchers tends to disprove this.

Our pest control Melbourne service at your home will target spiders. We spray your home to kill all the spiders living onsite. As spiders prey on other spiders we therefore reduce the likelihood of these pests coming to your home is we remove their food source.

Other spiders that are found around Melbourne homes and require pest control include:

  • Mouse spider;
  • Black house spider;
  • Wolf spider;
  • Trap door spider;
  • Huntsman;
  • Orb-weaving spider; &
  • St Andrews Cross Spider.

We hope we haven’t scared you too much! Thankfully Australia’s deadliest spider, the Sydney funnel web, isn’t established in Melbourne. For Melbourne pest control to the highest standard be sure to call us on 1300 665 573. We’re highly trained and experienced in eliminating pests in Melbourne.