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Rat Exterminator Melbourne

Rat Exterminator Melbourne

We’re a locally owned rat extermination company operating in all Melbourne suburbs. We specialise in rat removal. It’s what we do all day everyday. Rats will live in your subfloor, walls or roof cavity. As opposed to mice, rats will rarely enter an occupied home.

The successful control of rats in Melbourne is a team effort between you the homeowner, and us the pest manager. We’ll do everything we can to control the infestation and if you follow our advice your rat infestation will be brought under control within 14-21 days

How to avoid a rat infestation

  • Ensure the regular maintenance of your grass and garden areas;
  • Bait for snails as they are a common food source;
  • Reduce clutter around the exterior of your home;
  • Avoid stacking items such as firewood against the house;
  • Ensure that all external bins have tightly sealed lids;
  • Cut back trees to well below the roof line as rats will climb them to enter your roof cavity;
  • Ensure there are no gaps around pipes and utility services that penetrate the house as these are common entry points;
  • If you own pets such as a cat or dog ensure that their food bowls are cleaned after every meal & if you own birds sweep up discarded seed;
  • If you store any type of pet food outdoors (bird seed, dry dog and cat food) ensure it is secured in a tightly sealed plastic container; &
  • Ensure any compost bins have a securely fitted lid.

    Rat Exterminator Melbourne
    The sewer rat is a brown or grey bodied rodent that prefers to live in elaborate tunnels in the ground.

When rats are living on your property we will implement a baiting strategy. Locked bait stations (child and pet tamper proof) can be placed in areas of known activity. We also add bait to the roof cavity & subfloor (if applicable). Rats are wary of new additions to their environment. Bait & bait stations are new additions. It can take up to a week for the resident rats to become acclimatised to the new ‘items’. Once they have become acclimatised rats will commence feeding on the bait. The bait will then take between anywhere between 4-7 days to control the targets.

What will attract rats?

  • Fruit trees;
  • Vegetable and herb gardens;
  • Chickens;
  • Heating ducts in the subfloor due to the warmth it creates;
  • Commercial food service & food storage premises within close proximity.

Rats will dine on the local fruit, vegetables and herbs in preference to bait. Rats will also easily enter a chicken coup to scavenge their food.

Local take away and dine in restaurants will also attract rats.

If this is the case for you then you can likely expect to experience a rat infestation on a more regular basis.

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