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Possum Removal Newport

Possum Removal Newport | Western Suburbs Pest Control

Possum Removal Newport

Possums are prevalent throughout all of Melbourne. Newport in Melbourne’s west is no exception. As we continue to fell trees to increase the suburban footprint, we’re also removing the traditional home of the possum. As a result these nocturnal animals are seeking the shelter of our homes. In the process they’re causing all sorts of damage to our homes. They also drive us crazy with all the noise they make! We’re specialists in possum removal Newport and its surrounding suburbs. 

If there’s a gap somewhere in or around your roof you can guarantee that a nosy possum will find it. Once they’re in your roof they’re not going anywhere! Possums are territorial and once they find a home it becomes a home for life. The only way they’ll leave is via human intervention or death. If a possum dies in your roof you’ll know all about it!

Possums are nocturnal creatures. This means that they’ll sleep during the day and then head out into the night to forage for food and to interact with other possums. The loud thumping and banging of a possum in your roof has been likened to the sound of an elephant by many an unlucky homeowner.

Add to this the damage possums cause to your home by chewing through electrical wires & timber, disturbing and damaging insulation as well as the health risk posed by their droppings and urine, this is one tenant no one wants hanging around.

Possum Removal Newport
Possums invade our homes and drive us crazy with their nocturnal activities. If you suspect a possum in your roof call us now.

 How do I get a possum out of my roof?

The best answer is to hire a professional! Possums are a protected native Australian species. This means that they cannot be exterminated like many other pests found in and around a home.

We’re experts in possum removal & possum control and in possum proofing your home to avoid future invasions. If you’re hearing noises in your walls or roof we’ll inspect your home to confirm the identity of your intruder.

If it’s a possum we’ll identify all entry & exit points. We’ll then permanently block up all these access points using metal grill and metal flashing. The next step is to install a temporary one-way door. The one-way door will allow the possum to exit your property. As it would suggest, the one-way door will not allow the possum to get back in.

Once satisfied that your possum is no longer residing in your home, we will return to remove the one-way door and permanently seal the final entry point. A final inspection is also completed on your home to ensure possum proofing is complete and secure.

For fast and efficient Pest Control Melbourne possum removal Newport and surrounding suburbs simply call 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll call you.