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Possum Removal Malvern

Are possums wreaking havoc in your roof space? The presence of possums can cause major issues for homeowners. Not only do they damage property, they also keep everyone awake at night! Malvern, in Melbourne’s south-east is a known possum haven. We have a strong reputation as Melbourne’s most reliable and professional pest control specialists for possum removal Malvern and it’s surrounding suburbs.

To cope with Melbourne’s ever increasing population we’ve seen an increase in the development of new residential estates. As a result more and more trees have been sacrificed for housing. This gives the possum no choice but to seek shelter and protection elsewhere. Their preference seems to be for our roof cavities!

Once a possum moves into your home you can kiss goodbye a good night’s sleep. But lack of sleep will be the least of your worries! Property damage caused by possums can be very costly. Possums will nest in your roof and wall cavities and they’ll use insulation as bedding. Furthermore, possums also pose a major health risk to you and your family. Droppings, urine and foods scraps will be littered throughout your roof and wall cavities. Urine may stain your walls and ceilings. The smell is putrid and may waft throughout your home.

How to remove a possum from your roof in Malvern

The best thing to do is to call a professional possum controller. As a protected species there are strict guidelines surrounding the removal of possums from your home. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to safely and humanely remove and exclude possums from your home. In fact, we’ve got pest managers that have been removing possums from roof cavities for decades!

Our first priority is to attend your property to confirm that your intruder is in fact a possum. Unfortunately there are a number of other pests that can invade your homes. These pests can include rats, mice, birds and even cats.

Once we confirm whether your unwelcome visitor is a possum we then investigate your property to identify all possible entry points. These entries are then permanently sealed using metal flashing and metal grill. We use metal as possums have strong teeth that can chew through timber! We then set up a temporary one-way door to allow your furry friend to exit your home.

Once a possum has been evicted from your home you may notice some thumping and banging in the early hours of the morning as they attempt to get back in. This disturbance may continue for a few days before the possum realises there is no way to get back in. Once they come to this realisation they’ll move on and find a new place to set up home. This will probably be a neighbour’s roof!

Possum Removal Malvern
Possums usually enter a property from the roof but here we found the entry from ground level. We’ve now blocked the entry with metal grill.

Once all parties are satisfied that the possum removal has been effective we return to remove the one-way door and seal up the final access point. A thorough sweep of your property will also be conducted to verify that the possum proofing has been successfully completed.

We have the experience and knowledge to deliver fast & effective possum removal Malvern and Pest Control Melbourne. If you suspect a possum is living in your roof don’t delay and call us on 1300 665 573 or fill out our Contact Us form and one of our friendly staff will call you.