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We’re the possum removal specialists servicing Kilsyth in Melbourne’s east. While many people consider possums cute and cuddly, their attitude toward these furry creatures soon changes when they gain entry into your roof cavity! Possum removal Kilsyth is one of our most common services. Contact us now to begin the process of removing your unwanted possum from your roof in Kilsyth now!

Possums are nocturnal. This means that they’re awake and active at night when we’re trying to sleep. A possum will live in your roof space and venture out after dark in search of food and other possums. They’ll come and go from your roof and pay no consideration to your need for sleep!

We’re Kilsyth’s best possum removal service for a reason. We use ethical methods to remove possums that comply with Victorian law. Possums are native to Australia so legislation governs how we can and can’t remove possums from your Kilsyth property.

Possums are territorial. This means that once they’ve established a home in your home, they won’t leave without some form of intervention. An eviction notice won’t work for possums so that’s where we step in.

Our team of possum removal specialists will attend your home and confirm the presence of a possum. People hear noises in their roof and immediately think it must be a possum. This isn’t always the case as many other animals – rats, mice, birds and even bats will inhabit a roof space.

We confirm the identity of the said intruder firstly by inspecting the roof cavity. We look for signs of the presence of a possum and this includes:

• Paw prints;
• Odours (think of a smell similar to a wet dog);
• Droppings;
• Nesting materials;
• Live possums.

Possum Removal Kilsyth
We recently blocked out a possum in a Kilsyth home and when we returned to remove the one way door we found him living in the guttering! Another successful possum eviction.

It’s not uncommon for us to be inspecting a roof space and to then find a possum sleeping soundly. Once they are aware of our presence though they will run to avoid capture. We’re not too sure we’d like to catch a possum by hand though. A brush tail possum can be quite aggressive. They have sharp claws and very sharp teeth.

Another telltale sign that is living in the roof is urine stains. The stains may appear on the ceiling and down internal and external walls.

It’s also not uncommon for a possum to nest in a wall cavity. A wall cavity is cooler than a roof cavity in summer and warmer than a roof cavity in winter. Like us, possums toss and turn when they sleep. Unlike us though, a possum has sharp claws.

When the sleeping possum tosses and turns they scratch through the plaster wall. The possum will be clearly visible through the hole and we often get panicked calls from homeowners who swear the possum is trying to enter their home to attack them! We can assure you that this is not the case.

Now that we’ve confirmed that the intruder is a possum we need to find the entry point. It’s also important to identify any other potential entry points.

To find the entry point we need to start from the bottom of the structure and work our way to the top. A possum may enter via a missing brick in an exterior wall, work it’s way up a wall and then into the roof cavity.

Other entry points could be a missing or broken roof tile, rotting timber fascia boards that allow easy access or even through lead flashing that is easily moved by possums to gain entry. Other common entry points on flat roofs are box gutters and rain heads.

Once we identify the entry points we need to block them. We use metal flashing or metal grill cut to size. We use metal as possums cannot chew threw it like they can through timber or plastic. We do this during the day whilst the possum is sleeping in the roof space.

This does trap the possum within the roof but what we do next is install a one-way door. The one-way door is best installed over or close to the active entry point. We use food, such as apple or banana, to attract the possum to the one-way door. The possum should then exit via the door.
Once the possum is out it should not be able get back in. That’s not to say that it won’t try! Our clients report that the possum moves around the house in search of a new entry. If we’ve done our job correctly then there’s no chance the possum will re-enter.

We communicate with our client and in a perfect world, we are told that the possum exited the first night, tried to get back in but soon gave up and moved on. We return and remove the one-way door after confirmation that the possum is evicted.

If you suspect a possum is in your Kilsyth home then contact us on 1300 665 573. We’re Melbourne’s premier ethical possum removal specialists so contact us now.