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Possum Removal Elsternwick

Possums are venturing down from the trees and into our homes in increasing numbers. Elsternwick is a leafy suburb in Melbourne’s south-east and is one suburb that has seen a significant increase in its possum population in recent years. We specialise in fast & effective possum removal Elsternwick and all neighbouring suburbs.

As our population increases we need to keep pace with construction and development to house everyone. This means that we often have to cut down trees to provide space for new housing. This encroaches on the natural habitat of the protected Australian native wildlife and gives the possum little choice but to adapt to their changing environment. They subsequently need to seek shelter and protection in the roof cavity of our homes. Living in harmony with nature is one thing, but living with nature under the same roof isn’t so harmonious!

How to remove a possum from a roof in Elsternwick
The common ringtail possum is identifiable by it’s thin tail. They are also usually in pairs. If your prized roses are being eaten then the ringtail is the likely culprit!

Once a possum moves in you can be sure that your nights of peaceful slumber will be a thing of the past. These nocturnal marsupials will lay dormant during the day as they sleep in the warm confines of your roof or wall space. Once night arrives though they’ll make themselves known as they stomp and thump their way in and out of your roof as they forage for food in nearby gardens and bins.

Possums can also cause significant and very costly damage to your property. They’ll create their nest inside your roof and wall cavities and use the insulation as their bed. Possums can also chew through timber and even electrical wires. This leaves your property at significant risk of fire. Possums also relieve themselves in your roof. Their droppings and urine then become a health hazard. We often see urine stains on ceilings and walls and the cost to repaint isn’t cheap!

Get this possum out of my roof please!

This is a demand we hear quite often. Possums are a protected species under the Wildlife Act 1975. There are therefore strict guidelines for the safe and effective removal of possums from your home. Possums are territorial animals and if caught in a cage they must be released on the same property not more than 50 metres away. If the entry point isn’t sealed I’m sure you can guess what will happen once it’s released. That’s right, it’ll go straight back into your roof.

We try to avoid catching possums in a cage as it’s highly stressful to them. They bang and crash in an attempt to get out and this will cause all sorts of injuries. As experts in possum removal we’ll not only help you remove the pesky possum, we’ll also ensure your home is secured against future intrusion.

When we attend your property we first need to confirm that your intruder is in fact a possum. There are a number of other common household pests that could be the cause of noises in your roof including; rats, mice, birds and even your local neighbourhood cat! Once we’ve confirmed that possums are causing your problem we then need to identify any and all possible entry and exit points. These are then permanently sealed.

A temporary one-way door will then be installed to allow your troublesome intruder to exit the roof but not re-enter. Once it’s confirmed that you’re no longer hearing the possum thumping and banging around in your roof (generally we leave the one-way door in place for a week), we’ll then return to remove the door and seal up the final entry point. We then complete a final sweep of your home to ensure that it’s completely possum proof.

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