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If you live in Doncaster and there are constant noises in your roof then you might require possum removal. Possums will exploit any weakness in your Doncaster property to gain entry and set up camp. Once a possum gets in it won’t leave without human intervention – or until it dies and stinks the place out! If there’s any noise in your roof space then you need to call Pest Control Empire – the possum removal experts in Doncaster and Melbourne’s other eastern suburbs.

We have serviced many households in Doncaster who have possums in their roof space. Possums are nocturnal so they are active while we are trying to sleep. Tim Clinnick is the owner of Pest Control Empire and he has vast experience in possum control.

Tim says, “It’s common for homeowners to say they initially didn’t mind the possum living in their roof. They soon change their minds when the possum keeps the whole household awake! The urine stains on walls and ceilings aren’t desirable either. It’s kind of like a tenant that doesn’t pay rent and trashes the place.”

Signs a possum is in your Doncaster roof space include:

• Exterior damage to your property where they enter the roof;
• Noises like scratching, hissing, shrieking;
• Agitated and anxious pets that can smell their presence;
• Odours such as a decaying possum carcass or urine smell;
• Stains from urine;
• Dislodged light fittings caused by possums walking on them; &
• Live sightings of possums on your roof or fence.

A possum will find any weakness in your property that will allow them entry into your roof space. Common entry points for possums include:

• Broken / dislodged / missing tiles;
• Missing bricks;
• Gaps where electrical wiring is connected to the roof frame;
• Gaps in box gutters and rain heads; &
• Where flashing has been installed as it can be easy for a possum to move it.

You may think there is no way a possum can gain entry onto your roof to enter the cavity. You may have a double storey with no trees that come anywhere near the roof line.

Tim adds; “Many clients say they have inspected their property and can’ see how a possum can get to their roof line let alone gain entry. Well if you have power and communication lines that are above ground then this is the likely access point. If a human can walk on a rope (think of a trapeze artist), then a possum can easily walk along a thin electrical or communication cord to access the roof.”

If you hear noises in your roof then it’s likely that a possum, or even rats or mice have entered your Doncaster roof space. We offer all pest control services including:

• Possum Removal;
• Rodent Control;
• Mouse Control; &
• Rat Control.

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