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Possum Proofing Croydon

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Possum Proofing & Removal Croydon

Possums are cute when they live outdoors but when they decide to nest in your roof cavity they can be an absolute nightmare! Croydon, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, is an area with a large possum population. We specialise in possum removal Croydon and all neighbouring suburbs. As suburbia increases we have encroached on the natural habitat of the possum. As more and more trees are felled for townhouses and apartments this means that possums have become displaced. 

These critters have adapted to suburban life by moving in with us. They love to find a cosy corner of a roof to curl up and sleep. And they don’t even pay rent! Possums are quite noisy. In fact, some people say it’s like having an elephant living in the roof.

How to remove a possum from the roof

Call a professional possum remover! We specialise in possum control and possum proofing your home. Firstly, we’ll inspect the interior of the roof space to confirm the identity of the intruder. Possums are not the only animals that can invade your home. Rats, mice, birds and even cats could be the culprit.

The droppings, nesting material, smells and damage will confirm the identity of the fugitive. If it is confirmed as a possum, we then inspect the home and roof area for the entry point. There could be several but the most common ways for a possum to enter are:

  • Via the roof, such as through a broken or dislodged tile, loose flashing or a unsealed gap under a gable;
  • Via the subfloor, such as a through missing or damaged air vents, bricks or the access door.
Possum Removal Croydon
We specialise in possum removal from homes in Croydon and other eastern suburbs.

If a possum is entering via the subfloor it will then find a way up a wall and into the roof. They love to live at height so they can feel safe from predators. They will never live at ground level.

Once the entry point is located it is permanently blocked. We use a combination of metal flashing and metal grill, as a possum cannot chew through metal. The next step is to install a one-way door to allow the invading possum to exit but not re-enter.

The one-way door should be installed as close to the entry point as possible. We place fruit directly below and directly on top of the door to encourage the possum to use it.

Once you’re satisfied that the intruder has left your roof we return to remove the one-way door and give a final once over to ensure that the home is possum proofed.

It is very common for the evicted possum to return several nights in a row in an attempt to find a new way into the home. You may hear banging and crashing as it tries hard to re-enter. Eventually it will concede defeat and find a new home.

Possum Removal Croydon

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