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Bayswater in Melbourne’s east is home to beautiful Australian wildlife, with possums at the top of the list. The problem is that we’ve done our best to remove the natural habitat of the possum. We’ve cut down trees to build homes. Where else is the possum to go but into our roof cavity? We’re Melbourne’s premier possum removal company. We use ethical methods to remove possums without causing any harm.

A possum is a curious creature. They will investigate your home to search for potential entry points into a nice and cosy part of your roof. Once a possum has gained entry they won’t leave without human intervention. We have assisted hundreds of Bayswater homeowners with possum removal so call us if you suspect you’ve got an unwanted visitor.

Signs that a possum is in your roof include:

• Scratching noises;
• Urine stains on ceilings & walls;
• A pungent odour;
• Thumping in the roof as they enter and exit the roof;
• Rub marks at the entry point into the roof; &
• Droppings in the roof cavity and gutters.

Another sign that a possum may be onsite is agitated pets. Cats or dogs will display increased anxiety and may sit in front of a wall where a possum may be close by.
It’s also common for a possum to lodge itself in a wall cavity to sleep. As they move around in their sleep, the possum’s claws will scratch away at the plaster wall. Soon enough the possum will create a hole in the wall and will be clearly visible.

At this stage it’s time to call in the professional possum removal specialists. We promptly attend to confirm that the intruder is in fact a possum. We’ll then identify and close off the active entry point. We also audit the entire home to identify and close off any potential entry points. If we don’t do this it will only be a matter of time before the possum finds this new way into the roof cavity and the process continues.

Now you must be thinking that we’ve trapped the possum in the roof cavity by sealing the points of entry right? Well you are right. The possum will be sound asleep as we need the daylight hours to safely find and block the entries. To avoid a gruesome death though we’ll now install a one-way door.

The one-way door is usually installed over or as close as possible to the entry point. The possum will then venture out at night via the one-way door. The idea of the one-way door is self-explanatory. The possum can exit but not re-enter.

Ideally the possum exits the first night and worst case, the next. We then contact you a few days later to confirm the possum has been removed from your Bayswater home. We’ll then return and remove the one-way door. Job done!

Contact us now for safe and ethical possum removal in Bayswater. Our contact number is 1300 665 573.