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For any pest control issue in Melbourne’s westerns suburbs you can’t go past Pest Control Empire. Mother nature has blessed this Earth with many weird and wonderful creatures. That doesn’t mean that they should live with you though! Your home is your castle and you should decide who you share it with. We operate in Melbourne’s western suburbs and specialise in Commercial Pest Control, Residential Pest Control, Termite Inspections, Termite Control and Dead Animal Removal.

Tim Clinnick is the director of Pest Control Empire and he loves helping local residents and business owners with their various pest issues. He says, “I’m a born and bred western suburbs boy. I currently live in Keilor and I’m active at the local footy club. Since I started the business I rely heavily on word of mouth to generate business. The best source of work is a happy client so that’s why we strive to exceed expectations each and every time”.

Tim advises which pests cause the most concern:

  1. Possums – they appear cute and cuddly but they can soon become a nightmare if they’re thumping around in your roof. They need an entry point about the size of a clenched fist to gain entry into a roof cavity. They can even gain entry from under a house, up a wall and into the roof. We offer possum removal solutions that avoid traps. Possums are native to Australia so they cannot be killed. Exclusion is the best course of action so if you suspect a possum is in your roof be sure to contact us immediately.

    Possum Control Melbourne
    If a possum has invaded your roof you need to locate the entry point and close it. The installation of a one-way door in it’s place can assist in the exit but won’t allow re-entry.
  2. Rodents – rats and mice are vermin that spread disease. Rats will likely live in the subfloor or roof and in tunnels dug into the ground in your yard. They are common around cafes, restaurants, schools and laneways. Wherever there’s food, there’s rats. Mice are very similar although they are more likely to be living indoors among us! Check under sinks, behind fridges and in pantries for droppings. They are black in colour and are about the size of a grain of rice. They will nibble through packaging to access food. We have many tried and true methods of rodent control so contact us if you suspect and infestation.
  3. Cockroaches – it’s joked that these creatures would survive a nuclear holocaust! in fact, they can even survive for a period of time without a head. The most common pest roach is the German. It is the smallest of the species and the most likely to live indoors. They are commonly found in cafes and restaurants where food and moisture is in abundance. They breed quickly and can be almost impossible to control without professional assistance. They will also invade homes so contact us if you are currently under attack.
  4. Termites – the silent destroyer! This menace lives underground and constructs elaborate tunnels in search of food. The problem is that their first source is what’s known as timber in service. That means wood used to construct our homes. That’s bad news for home owners, particularly since insurance does not cover termite damage. We inspect homes for the presence of termites and offer colony elimination strategies should they be found. We can also protect your home from the possibility of attack through several available methods. Contact us now for an inspection and possible treatment.
  5. Birds – birds like to sit on the highest point of an object and watch the world go by. That might be on your TV antenna or frame of your pergola. All this equates to droppings, and lots of it! Bird droppings are extremely toxic and has been known to cause death. Solar panels are particularly attractive to birds as they provide a sheltered area to nest that is far away from the reach of predators. These flying pests can also nest inside your roof and the trouble period is usually September through until March. They can keep you awake at night and if one should die, the smell can be quite intolerable. Where this is a bird nest there is also bird mites. These tiny mites feed on the blood of the birds but when the birds fly the coup, the mites stay and look for another source of blood. That could be you or your pets. Contact us for protection from birds.
  6. Bees & Wasps – these stinging pests live in large numbers in a nest that may be in a wall cavity, a tree cavity or in a hole in the ground. They are extremely dangerous when disturbed so should you notice a nest be sure to leave it alone and contact us immediately. The sign that a nest is on your property is obvious – a large number of them will be exiting and entering via a small opening. The ones you see are workers who are searching for and then returning with food to feed the queen and the babies. We will destroy the nest and its occupants and remove the nest if possible.

    Wasp Nest in Soil | Pest Control Empire
    Wasps commonly build a nest in a cavity in the soil. Avoid a nest at all costs and call a professional.
  7. Spiders – Spiders come in two varieties. The first is a web spinning spider. They are easy to locate at they live either on or behind the web. The red back and black house spider are examples of web spinners. They are easy to control as their location is known. The other variety is the ground dwelling spiders. These types are nomadic and constantly roam in search of food. They are hard but not impossible to control. Examples include white tails and huntsman. Chemical control is very effective and should only be administered by a professional.
  8. Ants – these social pests are always on the hunt for food. They are attracted to either sugars or meats and can be difficult to control without professional assistance. If you can locate the nest then control is straightforward. However, the nest can be a long distance away and it is likely to be concealed underground. We stock the required chemicals to combat situations where the nest cannot be located. This usually involves the use of a slow acting non-repellent spray. We spray a barrier around your home and onto any foraging ants. Because it is slow acting they get a chance to return to the nest and spread the chemical. This process allows for the entire colony to be wiped out in the space of a few days.

We operate in Melbourne’s west including Altona, Avondale Heights, Braybrook, Caroline Springs, East Keilor, Footscray, Keilor, Keilor Downs, Keilor Park, Maribyrnong, Newport, Seddon, Spotswood, Sydenham, Taylors Hill, Taylors Lakes, Yarraville & Williamstown. Any pest any suburb so call now on 1300 665 573