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Pest Control Maribyrnong

Pest Control Maribyrnong

If you reside or work in the suburb of Maribyrnong and you require pest control be sure to contact your locally based and professional company – Pest Control Empire. People have phobias of mice, rats, spiders and various other insects. These pests and vermin also spread disease, contaminate food and damage property. You should feel safe in your own home and that’s why you should have your home or workplace regularly inspected for unwanted guests.

We specialise in the removal of all pests not limited to:

  • Rodents;
  • Termites;
  • Spiders;
  • Ants;

    Cockroach Control Melbourne
    German cockroaches are a major pest for all food businesses.
  • Cockroaches;
  • Bees & Wasps;
  • Birds;
  • Possums; &
  • Bedbugs.

Tim Clinnick is the owner and is a local resident of Melbourne’s west. He says; “It should be mandatory that a home or office is inspected at least yearly for pests. A termite colony could find your home and silently begin to eat your home from the inside out without you even knowing it. I’d gladly pay a professional to inspect my home on a regular basis rather than to have to deal with an infestation well after the problem has become established”.

He continues, “All food businesses, whether it be a cafe, restaurant or even a local sports club that stores, prepares and serves food, should have a documented pest management program. The health department do not look on fondly to those without some form of pest management in place. Should someone get sick or even worse, the fall out can be dramatic. A customer may simply sight a cockroach or mouse dash across the floor and this too can be harmful for business. Social media has allowed for reviews to be added for most businesses and a pest issue will surely discourage future clientele”.

So contact us if you require:

We are highly trained and competent and hold all the required licenses and insurances that should leave you feeling comfortable that your home or business is in safe hands. Call 1300 665 573 or fill in the Contact Us form and we will contact you at the earliest opportunity.