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Tim Clinnick is a long time resident of Keilor and is the owner of Pest Control Empire. Since he commenced operation, Tim has been helping the residents and business owners of Keilor with all their pest management needs. Tim notes, “I grew up in Keilor and played at the footy club all through the juniors and seniors. I love the place and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Now I’ve started my own business, ideally I would like to concentrate my efforts in the City of Brimbank”. 

Commencing a new business is always difficult in the beginning and it’s been no different for Tim. He adds, “When you start up you are unknown. The pest industry has some very well known brands operating. To compete with these brands takes hard work. I’m pleased to say that I’ve began well and I believe I am building a sustainable business for the future of my family”.

Tim considered a franchise business but he believes that the franchisee is too reliant on the master franchisor to succeed. He continues, “I investigated the franchise option but I knew it was not for me. The franchisor controls where advertising dollars are spent and they are not always spent wisely. The quality of franchisee is also sometimes questionable. If one franchisee receives bad feedback it affects the entire group. I’m happier with the start-up option and it seems to be working for me so far”.

Tim operates in all areas but his desire is to focus in Brimbank. This municipality includes the suburbs of Albanvale, Albion, Keilor, Keilor Downs, Keilor Park, St Albans, Sunshine and Taylors Lakes. Tim sponsors the Keilor Football Club, Keilor Cricket Club and the Overnewton Fire basketball team. Tim says, “There’s plenty of businesses that I service in the area. They include cafes, restaurants, factories, warehouses, pubs, sporting clubs, retirement villages, schools and child care facilities. I’ve also made myself known to the property managers of the local real estate agents. I’m helping out where I can for rental property pest control when needed. Then of course there’s the residents of the area who provide the bulk of my work”.

Pests are seasonal. In Summer the pest population is at its peak. Cockroaches, spiders, flies, mosquitoes, wasps and bees are in abundance. Of course, snakes are also prevalent as are rats and mice. In Autumn it gets quieter although wasps were still in large numbers this year. The colder Winter period sees rodents and possums looking for warmer places to sleep. Our roof spaces become prime targets for these animal pests. Spring time sees all the Summer pests begin to increase although not to the levels of the warmer periods. Termites are a year round problem so vigilance is always required with this destructive insect.

Tim says, “Summer and early Autumn was a bumper period for wasps. The relatively mild climate last Winter meant that the large proportion of wasps survived the season. The nests became overpopulated so new nests were created. I’m sure there wasn’t one person who didn’t encounter a wasp earlier this year. Since then I’ve been busy with rodents and possums. Termites are an ongoing issue in Keilor. Each job is challenging and the reward is to see a satisfied client at the end”.

Pest Control Empire hard at work
The team at Pest Control Empire are always available to help the residents of Keilor and City of Brimbank

For any pest related enquiry be sure to contact Tim at Pest Control Empire on 1300 665 573 or complete the Contact Us form to receive a call back. Tim is fully insured and carries the appropriate licence for the control of pests. All products used are approved by the governing body and the greatest precautions are used when deploying them.