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Pest Control in Melbourne

Pest Control in Melbourne

The pest control industry in Melbourne is flourishing. This is according to Pest Control Empire owner, Tim Clinnick. Tim says, “There’s virtually every pest imaginable in Melbourne, from rodents to wasps to termites. Particular pests are seasonal and its seems more and more now that every season will present a different challenge. Termites can lay dormant in the colder months and flourish in the warmer months. Rodents are an issue all year round but they encroach on us more in winter. That’s because they seek the warmth of our roofs to avoid the cold. Insects and spiders breed in spring ,while birds such as pigeons and Indian miners are an issue all year round. European wasps are in plague proportions as we all found out last summer”. 

Pest Control Empire are experienced in dealing with any and every pest situation. We assist Melbourne’s home and business owners with every possible problem. Tim continues, “When we have a climate like ours that allows pests to thrive it’s vitally important that we, as pest managers, understand what we may be confronted. It’s imperative that we have options in how to combat the threat. We attend regular training events as we consider professional development to be vital. There’s always new products being launched and it’s necessary for us to know these products and new techniques so we can pass it onto our clients”.

Birds are a difficult animal to control. Firstly, you need to know what birds are native and those that are not. Pigeons, starlings and Indian miner birds are imported so lethal options are available. The ringtail and brush tail possum are also native so the legislation as found in the Wildlife Act 1975 governs how they can be handled. This legislation would also apply to the many native snakes that cause us issues in summer, such as the brown, black and tiger snake.

Knowing what the law allows for is important as large fines and a loss of a pest control licence can apply. It is very important when engaging the services of a Melbourne pest control company to ensure that the operator is in fact licensed and the company is insured to do the work they advertise.

Tim notes, “Not every company is licensed or insured to conduct termite treatment. This is a specialised field and the knowledge and experience you need to be successful in this field is non-negotiable. Unfortunately some companies are conducting termite control without the proper licence or insurance. The person at risk here is the client as they will have no protection should something go wrong. We are licensed for both urban and timber pest control and we are fully insured to provide you with added peace of mind”.

Possums and Rats | Pest Control Empire
Possums and rats are commonly found living in harmony in our roof spaces. However, the techniques used to remove these pests differs.

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