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Cockroach Control Melbourne

Pest Control for Restaurants

Pest control for restaurants and cafes is a must. Don’t take our word for it – it’s the law! Local councils and the State Government provide regulations for the food industry and one of this is that “You must keep all food areas free from pests, vermin and contamination”. If you fail to adhere to regulations then heavy penalties and fines can be applied. Your business could be closed down and you may face legal action if a customer gets sick, or heaven forbid, dies. 

Essential Information For Food Business Owners:

  • You must have a pest management plan;
  • You must keep your premises free from pests;
  • You can be punished severely for any breaches; &
  • Pests can cost you money, your reputation and even your business.

Why You Should Use a Professional Pest Management Provider:

  • We are highly trained, experienced and have access to the correct equipment for the situation;
  • We will do the job correctly, safely and effectively; &
  • Using a professional demonstrates your commitment to health and safety.

What Pests are Likely to Cause Problems?:

Rats & Mice

These vermin can enter a premises through a gap in a wall, through the roof, under a door or through an open door. They may even hitch a ride in with stock delivered by a supplier. They are dangerous because they:

  • Contaminate food;
  • Spread disease;
  • Damage property; &
  • Damage reputation.

The three main rodent species include:

  1. The house mouse;
  2. The roof rat; &
  3. The Norway rat.

At the first sign of rodent activity you must act.

Rats in Melbourne
Make sure bins are tightly sealed otherwise rats and mice will find an opening inside to obtain food.

Signs of rodent activity include:

  • Live sightings;
  • Carcasses;
  • Droppings;
  • Chewed packaging; &
  • Noises including scratching, gnawing and scurrying.


The cockroach is a crawling insect that is a vector for disease. They just love establishing themselves within a food business. They are commonly found in commercial kitchens and hide in cracks and crevices, inside electrical equipment including computers, registers, Eftpos machines as well as moist areas like sinks, drains and dishwashers.

The presence of cockroaches in restaurants and cafes cannot be tolerated and upon realisation of an infestation you must act immediately.

The four main pest species are:

  1. Australian cockroach;

    Cockroach in a Restaurant
    German cockroaches in particular are a major pest for all food businesses. Cockroaches thrive in an unhygienic environment so be sure to keep your food premises clean.
  2. American cockroach;
  3. Smoky Brown cockroach; &
  4. German cockroach.

The German cockroach is the most likely to be encountered in a food business premises and they can multiply in number very quickly.


Flies are the most common pest in food establishments. They are disease carriers and are a nuisance to diners.

The most common pest flies include:

  1. House flies;
  2. Blow flies;
  3. Vinegar flies; &
  4. Fermentation flies.

What Does a Professional Pest Manager Provide?

A quality pest control program should include:

  • Advice on pest exclusion;
  • Advice on good hygienic practices;
  • Regular inspection and monitoring;
  • Physical & chemical control; &
  • Environment management.

All activity should be formally documented and you should have sufficient visits to ensure pest free conditions. Monthly visits are the most common and effective strategy in pest management.

We here at Pest Control Empire have a large number of regular commercial clients although for discretionary reasons, we will not name them. If you require references we would be happy to supply them upon request.

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