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Tim from Pest Control Empire has found himself in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs quite regularly this winter. He says, “It’s been a particularly cold winter this year and all types of pests have been seeking refuge in the roof and walls of the large homes in these leafy suburbs”. Tim reports a considerable presence of rodents, rats in particular, as well as possums living among us. He continues, “I find that possums and rats seem to live hand in hand. Generally if there’s one there’s the other. They love to live at heights so the roof is very popular as it’s secure and dark”. The east of Melbourne is home to some of the oldest and most expensive real estate. Tim notes, “The houses in Hawthorn, Kew, Balwyn, Toorak, South Yarra and Malvern are quite grand and usually have quite an extensive history. With older houses there is usually a bit of wear and tear. On occasion an opening into the roof through a cracked or loose tile, under the eaves or gables will develop which allow entry”.

A hole for a possum to enter a roof
A family of possums entered the roof of this commercial facility in Melbourne’s east via this small opening.

Possums are considerably larger than rats. They require an entry point about the size of a clenched fist. A rat only requires an entry point the size of a thumb. If you’re hearing noises in the walls and roof space you should listen carefully so that you can describe it to the chosen pest manager. Scurrying, scratching and gnawing are common rodents noises while possums are far louder and thump around in the roof.

A pest manager will soon be able to determine the source of the noise via a thorough inspection. Likely entry points will be identified and closed off if possible. Possums also leave the safety of the roof at night to eat. They will sit in a tree safe from predators while consuming their chosen food. At the bottom of the tree will be a considerable amount of droppings. Possum droppings are large and oval shaped.

Rats make a horrible mess in a roof, bringing back various garden debris as well as common sources of food. Rats often eat snails so it is not unusual to see snail shells in the roof or subfloor. Rats are also very unhygienic and will defecate anywhere and everywhere.

If both are present, it is very important that the possum is removed from the home prior to conducting any rodent control. The possum is native to Australia and is therefore a protected species. To bait a roof or subfloor with poison for rodents could and would cause grave harm to a possum if it were to consume the toxic substance.

There are several ways to remove a possum from a roof. Firstly, the entry must be identified. If the roof is tiled it is often possible to close off the entry point and install a one-way door in place of a tile. The possum will exit via the one-way door when it wants to go outside to feed. When it tries to return it will no longer be able to get in and will then search for a new home.

Possum Control Melbourne
We need to identify and close off the entry point. We then install a one-way door and say goodbye to the possum forever!

Once free of possums it is time to deal with those cunning vermin. Several different types of baits with different modes of action should be laid to deal with this menace. This means that the baits should have different poison products. The reason for this is that an immunity to certain poisons has emerged in rodents over the years. There’s a reason they have survived thousands of years and they will surely live thousands more.

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