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Pest Control Airport West! Do you share a house with a pest (and we don’t mean the human kind)? If you reside in Airport West and the answer is yes then give us a call. Ants, spiders, cockroaches, mice, rats and possums are common household pests. Each one of them can cause you all sorts of stress. We specialise in both removal and extermination. For example, if a swarm of bees is on your property, we’ll safely capture the swarm and release them in nearby parkland. If possums are your problem then we’ll work out how they get into your home and block them out. However, if it’s spiders, wasps or cockroaches that cause you concern then we can exterminate them. 

We’re approaching Spring and that means one thing – breeding season. At this time of year insects, possums, rodents and birds are searching for a mate to breed with. They might just choose your home to establish their love shack! Rodents, possums and birds will look to establish camp in your roof. If you’re hearing noises during the day it’s likely to be birds. If you want to confirm whether birds are in your roof, simply stand across the road from your home and watch your roof line.

If a bird has a nest in your roof with chicks, the adults will be constantly coming and going. They’ll be collecting food and returning to feed their brood. They commonly enter the roof through the corners or through the gutter. We have several options available to remove birds if this is your issue.

If you’re hearing noises at night, the culprit is more likely to be one of:

  • Possums;
  • Rats;
  • Mice; or
  • All of the above.

    Pest Control Airport West
    This is a home in Airport West that has a missing roof tile. Can you guess what animal found it’s way into the roof? That’s right – a possum!

Rodents and possums are nocturnal so they’ll be sleeping all day and active at night. They’ll drive you crazy while you’re trying to sleep! We can exterminate rodents but possums are a native animal so we must deal with them according to the law. The best and most effective method of possum control is to identify and close off all possible entry points into the roof. We’re experienced in identifying the usual points of entry. Once we close these entries, we then install a one-way door. This allows any occupants to exit but not re-enter. These furry creatures are territorial so they will not leave your roof unless we intervene.

On warm, balmy Spring nights it’s often common to see winged ants and termites flying around. The caste of ants and termites that have wings are called alates. This means that they are capable of reproduction. When they swarm it is merely the future kings and queens that have flown the coup in a quest to find their own nest and form a new colony. It’s difficult to distinguish between the two species so we suggest you attempt to capture some samples to show a pest controller. I’d much prefer to see ants than termites if I was you! We will correctly identify the pest and advise of a suitable management plan.

So for all the residents and business owners in Airport West don’t hesitate to call us now to eliminate pests from your premises. Simply contact 1300 665 573 to book an appointment. Make yourself pest free this Spring – check out this blog on Spring Pest Control to see how to protect yourself from insect pests!