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Pest Control Prices in Melbourne

How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Melbourne?

How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Melbourne?

The pest control cost in Melbourne depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • The type of pest;
  • The extent of the infestation;
  • The location of the property;
  • The size of the property;
  • The access / lack of access to all parts of the property; &
  • The urgency of the call out.

The most common pest control complaints we receive relate to:

  • Ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, possums & spiders.

Other less frequent services we provide are for:

  • Bedbugs, birds, bees, carpet beetles, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, silverfish, snakes & wasps.

    How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Melbourne?
    The cost of bedbug will depend on the number of rooms that require treatment and the extent of the infestation.

The treatment of an active termite infestation will almost always be the most expensive pest control cost. Termites are destructive to the timber found in homes and offices.

These assets are valuable and they need to be protected properly. Termite control is a niche service. Many companies hire specialist termite managers. It’s all they do, day in day out. As such, they develop the expertise and skill to detect and most importantly, eliminate termites from your property.

Like any skilled professional, they deserve to be paid well. The work required to firstly eliminate a termite colony and then protect the home from future invasion is also painstaking.

Multiple visits to the infested property are required. There’s also a lot of manual labor involved. This can include digging / trenching of soil and drilling of concrete. Often these tasks are undertaken in cramped areas underneath a structure, such as a damp subfloor.

Once the structure is termite free and protected from future invasion, you’ll be glad you spent the money hiring a specialist termite manager.

In terms of price to control an active infestation, you should expect to pay no less than $2000 and anywhere around the $4000-$5000 for large structures. The cheapest price isn’t always the best.

To put yourself at ease always ask for the contact details of previous clients. If the pest control company has experience in termite work they should have no trouble providing you with a list of satisfied clients.

Possum removal and proofing are likely to be the next most expensive service. It may seem like simple work but there’s a reason that so many in the pest control industry don’t offer this service. It’s not simple!

Possums prefer the sanctuary of our roof spaces as opposed to a tree out in the elements. Once a possum has found a nice cozy roof space you can be sure as the day is long that he/she intends to stay. The only way they will leave is via human intervention.

Firstly, the possum entry point or points into the roof need to be identified and closed. There are often multiple entry points. Many a pest controller has been called back for failure to close off all openings.

Once the entries are closed a one-way door needs to be installed. This will allow the roof invader to exit and not re-enter. Often the entry points are difficult to access areas. Possums are brilliant climbers and can easily access areas that we can’t.

These furry critters may also have a way into a roof from underneath the structure. An exposed subfloor may allow access up a wall and into the warm roof space.

As you can see, finding the ways in and out can be difficult. These animals have strong teeth and can chew through wood to make an entry point big enough to fit through. Can you now see why this type of work can be expensive?

Once the entry points are blocked and a one-way door is fitted we rely on your assistance to listen for noises in the roof. Our equipment is left on site for a week and it’s only removed when you are confident that your roof is possum free.

Possum control can start from $400 for a straightforward job to around $700-$800 for complex jobs.

Spiders, ants, cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, and others like pests are treated in similar ways with similar chemicals. The interior and exterior of properties should be sprayed to eliminate the existing populations and to provide a barrier for ongoing protection.

For standard size homes, you should expect to pay $250 or above.

Bird control is dependant on the particular problem. You may have a family of birds establishes a nest in the corner of your roof. The entry point may be through a small gap that can be closed with wire. The pest control cost service would not be expensive.

However, some birds like the Indian myna or sparrow enter the roof space through the gutters. In instances like this the entire perimeter of the roof needs to be closed off with gutter guard. This can be costly for larger size homes.

Pigeons also love to nest under solar panels. If left unchecked they will breed rapidly. I’m sure you can imagine the mess they can create! To eliminate this problem a barrier needs to be placed around the panels to block their access. The existing flock will then need to be poisoned. Pest Control Cost can increase and an onsite assessment or photographs of the solar panels are required to confirm the cost.

The cheapest service we offer is for bee and wasp removal. You should expect to pay around $150-$250 depending on the accessibility of the nest.

These prices are generalised. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation to confirm a fixed price for our service.

Our contact number is 1300 665 573 or alternatively you can complete the Contact Us form and we will contact you.