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Caroline Springs Mice Removal

Mouse Exterminator Melbourne

Mouse Exterminator Melbourne

Are you in need of a mouse exterminator in Melbourne? We specialise in the removal of mice from homes and businesses in all Melbourne suburbs. Mice will live in your subfloor, walls, roof cavity and the interior of your home. If mice are in the house they can commonly be found under your sink, behind the refrigerator or dishwasher and even in your pantry. To successfully control a mouse infestation we must work as a team. We will do everything we can to control the outbreak and if you follow our advice your rodent plague will quickly be brought under control.

How to avoid a mouse infestation

  • Maintain the cleanliness of your home. This includes immediately wiping up food spillages and even removing crumbs from your toaster;
  • Eat meals at the dining table rather than the living zones to avoid food falling down the sides and back of the couch or chairs;
  • Never leave dirty dishes in the sink;
  • Run the dishwasher daily;
  • Keep garbage in a tightly sealed rubbish bin and empty the contents to the outdoor bin daily;
  • Store recyclable products outside and away from your home;
  • If recyclables are stored inside make sure they are thoroughly rinsed and kept in a tightly sealed recycling bin;
  • Remove clutter including boxes as mice will nest in these areas;
  • Ensure that all food items (does not include food stored in a can or jar) are stored in the fridge or in tightly sealed plastic containers. This includes fruit, vegetables, chips, lollies, cereal, bread, nuts and dry pet food;
  • If you have school children inspect their school bags for food items and place any rubbish in the bin;
  • If you own pets such as a cat or dog ensure that their food bowls are cleaned after every meal & if you own birds sweep up discarded seed.

    Mouse Exterminator Melbourne
    Have mice invaded your home? Call us for extermination of rodents in Melbourne.

When mice have infiltrated your home we will implement a baiting strategy. Locked bait stations (child and pet tamper proof) will be placed in areas of known activity. We also add bait to the roof cavity & subfloor (if applicable).

Provided all other potential food sources are removed, the resident mice will feed on the bait very quickly.

If you follow our plan you should expect to be mouse free within 7-14 days if not sooner.

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