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How do I remove a possum from my roof?

Possum Removal in Melbourne

Melbourne is home to two specific possum species – the ringtail and the brush tail possum. The preferred home for both of these possum types is the hollows of trees. However, due to constant residential development, established trees in our suburbs are few and far between. As such, both these possum species have adapted to residing within our roof cavities. Possum removal is a vital year round service that we offer to the residents and business owners of Melbourne. If you suspect a possum is in your roof don’t delay. Give us a call now on 1300 665 573.

How do I know if a possum is living in my roof?

There are many ways to identify whether a possum is living in your Melbourne roof space. The first sign is constant noise, particularly at night. The possum is a nocturnal animal. It will sleep during the day and then venture outside at night. A possum usually adopts a routine of leaving the roof space at the same time every night.

Our clients will tell us that they hear their resident possum thump its way through the roof to head outside, usually just after dusk. They also state that the possum will return just prior to dawn.

Possums will not usually run in the roof space. In fact, our clients often compare a possum moving inside the roof to that of an elephant thumping around!

Other tell tale signs that a possum is living in your roof can be stains on a ceiling or drip marks down your walls caused by urine. A possum is a large animal and it has no qualms relieving itself in your roof. The subsequent liquid release will leave a mark as well as a pungent odour.

Pets, including cats and dogs, will also alert you to the fact that a possum is living with you. Pets will become quite agitated and will sit or pace in front of a wall where a possum may be hiding within the cavity.

In the worst possible event a possum will die in your wall or roof. The resultant stench and constant stream of blow flies will be a dead giveaway that a possum is in your roof, pardon the pun. We also offer a dead animal removal service in Melbourne.

What attracts possums in Melbourne?

Possums are mainly plant eaters (herbivores) and they prefer eucalyptus leaves, buds, ferns, flowers and fruits. They’ll eat everything from your prized roses to your vegetable garden pumpkins and carrots.  

Possums will also feast on insects, moths, snails, bird eggs, baby birds and even rodents (rats and mice). Birds, rats and mice are other pests that infiltrate our roof spaces so pest control in Melbourne is obviously a necessity!

So if you have trees, plants, fruit trees, vegetable gardens or the like either onsite or close by, your likely to have possums in your area.

How can a possum get into my roof in Melbourne?

A possum can find its way into your roof space through a multitude of spots. Firstly, clench your fist and this will demonstrate the minimum size a possum will need to be able to force itself through a gap.

Possums can find many different ways to enter your roof or walls. Here we see a possum gain entry into a roof via moving some lead flashing.
Possums can find many different ways to enter your roof or walls. Here we see a possum gain entry into a roof via moving some lead flashing.

Now look around your home and check for gaps about the size of your clenched fist. The most common spots are via gables, missing or damaged eave sheets, dislodged or broken tiles, gaps around plumbing pipes, open flue caps, through lead flashing and through rain head gutters and box gutters.

If your house has an exposed subfloor then a possum may be able to navigate it’s way from under your house, up a wall cavity and into the roof space. Possums are expert climbers so they can easily scale a down pipe or plumbing pipe to reach your roof.

Possums also have excellent balance so you’ll often see them climb an electricity pole and then trapeze across a power line to access your roof. If trees overhang or are close to your roofline then this will provide easy access to the roof for any local possum in Melbourne.

We remove possums from Melbourne homes all day everyday so we know all the tell tale signs. The entry point will display fur that transfers as the possum forces itself through the gap. There will also be dirty smudge marks along the route taken by the possum and this will be very evident around the entry point.

How do you remove a possum from my roof?

Once we attend your Melbourne home we’ll conduct a thorough inspection to firstly identify that your intruder is in fact a possum. Once the presence of a possum is confirmed we’ll then identify the entry point and any other potential entry points.

We’ll then close off the entry points before installing a one-way door. This door allows the possum to exit the roof cavity but not re-enter. The door will be installed over or as close to the entry point as possible.

If a possum has invaded your roof we'll locate the entry point and close it. The installation of a one-way door in it's place will allow the possum to still exit your roof space but it won't allow re-entry.
If a possum has invaded your roof we’ll locate the entry point and close it. The installation of a one-way door in it’s place will allow the possum to still exit your roof space but it won’t allow re-entry.

Ideally your possum will leave through the door on the first evening after installation. To encourage it to do so we’ll add food to entice the possum to and then through the door.

Once you are satisfied that your possum has been evicted we’ll attend to remove the one-way door and ensure all entry points are secure. Your possum is territorial and it will do whatever it can to try and get back in! They’ll even chew threw timber.

We’re licensed and insured to conduct all forms of pest control. We’re also happy to offer a 12 month warranty on our possum removal Melbourne service. Call us now on 1300 665 573.